In 1982 the Ibera Provincial Reserve was created and protected 5,000 square miles of wetlands.

Thorough research, by the Natural Reserve authorities, concluded that this area was both viable and sustainable for the practice of catch and release fly-fishing for Dorado (Salminus Maxillosus). In 2017, through the establishment of a special Natural Reserve Permit, our operation was granted exclusive fishing access to this area. This permit gives us sole outfitter access to the wetlands endless miles of bogs, swamps, lagoons and lakes that are prime habitat for Dorado. Exclusive and unspoiled this is one of the premier Dorado fisheries in South America.

The Iberá Wetlands

Plans are ongoing to increase the area’s protection and hopefully in the future it will be granted national park status.

Our accommodations will be the boutique lodge La Alondra, which is a short 20-minute drive to the dock. This unique and charming property is the result of the transformation of a traditional Argentine home into a beautiful lodge. Features include: four air-conditioned bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, a dining room, and a common gathering room. The nicely appointed grounds, that include an outside sitting area with fire pit, provides an excellent place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine after a day of fishing. 

Meals are chef prepared and offer a nice mix of regional specialties and international cuisine. Laundry service is available for a minor charge.

The season is eight continuous months beginning September 1st and concluding on April 30th. During the summer months, December 15th through March 15, daytime high temperatures are typically 95 to 100 F. During the months of September through early December, and late March through the end of April, the temperatures are typically 80 to 85 F.

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