Fly-casting instruction in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Transform your fly-fishing experience through expert fly-casting instruction with passionate and seasoned fly-angler and conservationist, Misty Dhillon. Learn from a certified FFI Casting-Instructor.  

Golden Mahseer fly fishing expert

Pricing & Availability

Please leave us your details below and a contact number for us to reach for you availability. 

The one-hour casting instruction will provide a basics on casting terminology, principles and the mechanics of a fly cast so you can feel confident. 


  • $ 40 (1-participant) 
  • $ 50 (2-participants) 

Our two-hour instruction will provide more time for fixes, allowing you to get on water to wet a fly. 


  • $ 70 (1-participant) 
  • $ 80 (2-participants) 

The Basics of Fly Casting. Download our free E-booklet.

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Ellicott City, MD, 21042, United States
MON-FRI 10:00 - 18:00