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Hourly guided fly fishing in Maryand with a certified casting instructor.

Spend precious moments on Maryland's world class fly fishing waters.

Bring attention to the substance of fly fishing in Maryland’s Patapsco river with FFI certified casting instructor, Misty Dhillon. Up level your time on Marylands fly fishing waters through quality instruction, dedicated guiding, pre during and even post instruction support that will transform your outdoor experiences by making you more independent. 

We offer an affordable, family-friendly experience for anglers of all ages from $50 for an hour’s private guided fly fishing lessons.

 Additionally, anglers of 15 years and below also don’t require a fishing license while fly fishing in the state of Maryland.

April though October – and we advise beginners who don’t have waders to book your time on the water between May 15 and September 15. 

  • ***A valid Maryland non-Tidal fishing license. 16 years and over. 
  • Good pair of wading boots/river sandals depending on the time of the year. 
  • A rain jacket and wading/hiking stick. 
  • Water bottle, sunblock and insect repellant. . 
  • Spare set of clothes and towel in the car. 
  • En empty cup mindset. 

Choose your plan

Choose your plan. Select your dates and confirm! We look forward to welcoming you on the river. 

Family of Four

Hourly Fly Casting
$ 150
For a Family of Four (4)
  • Pre Trip Interview (Virtual)
  • 1 Hour on the water.
  • Fly Fishing Gear Use.
  • Post Trip Interview (Virtual)

Private 1 on 1

Hourly Fly Casting
$ 50
Per Angler / Participant
  • Pre Trip Interview (Virtual)
  • 1 Hour on the water.
  • Fly Fishing Gear Use.
  • Post Trip Interview (Virtual)


2 Hours 2 Anglers
$ 150
For two (2) Anglers.
  • Pre Trip Interview (Virtual)
  • 2 Hours on the water.
  • Fly Fishing Gear Use.
  • Post Trip Interview (Virtual)

Whether you're just starting out or have been fly fishing for years.

We're here to help and support your fly fishing journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is making it incredibly easy to buy your fishing license online.

Just click on the COMPASS portal, select the appropriate license type, and you’re all set! Choose the non-tidal license allows licensee to fish in the fresh waters of Maryland. 

You can also reprint your fishing license if it gets lost or damaged, or even register as a saltwater angler if you’ve never done so before.

You can also purchase a fishing license in person at any local license agent.

  • Pre Trip Interview (Virtual) 
  • Hourly guided fly fishing lessons. 
  • Gear use (fly rods, reels, lines and flies for use). 
  • Post Trip Interview (Virtual) 

We start with a virtual call (done over zoom) clarifying the intensions of your time out with Misty. Whether your are an absolute beginner, an occasional fly fisher or a seasoned, world traveling angler. Misty loves to connect to his guests on the water and also go over a checklist which is sent over in advance, so we don’t miss on anything. 

Next, we’ll drive you directions of where to meet up. Leave the rest to Misty and be ready to be engaged on Maryand’s Patapsco river. Misty brings to your attention the four (4) basic principles of a fly cast, river reading and where to fish so you can create quality time fly fishing where ever you go. 

Finally, Misty also takes time to do a post trip reflection so you can get the most potency time your time fly fishing with Misty . 

If you're ready to take the first step toward your next big adventure, schedule a complimentary call with our in-house expert.

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Learn the basics to set yourself up for success on the water.

Enjoy our luxury fly casting lessons on the Patapsco River. Learn about the best fly fishing tackle in Maryland, and catch some fish with one of our expert guides. 

Discover the 4 basic principles of fly casting and watch how to cast a fly.

When you have trees around, you have options. We’ll show you how to pull off an efficient roll cast!

Your path to fly fishing has never been easier. Learn how to read the river like a pro with you certified casting instructor and international fly fishing guide, Misty Dhillon. 


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