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The private Thaa Atoll is within minutes from of a prolific marine eco-system and flats.

Enjoy a combination of flats and reef fly-fishing accessing miles of some of the best fly-fishing habitat for bluefin Trevally, triggerfish, giant Trevally, the occasional bonefish. There’s a window of opportunity for fly-fishing targeting a few species during both high and low tide. 

Flats fly fishing in the Maldives, Indian Ocean

Thaa Atoll Fly-fishing, Maldives

Maldives consists of more than 1,200 islands and atolls, only 200 of them inhabited. A salt-water fly fishing destination that’s still off the radar.

Maldives, Thaa Atoll is remotely set in the island-nation’s southern reaches. A 60-minute seaplane journey from the capital, Malé. Close to some of the best saltwater fly fishing opportunities of the Indian ocean. 

You’ll need to be equipped with a fairly diverse armory of well-tied, dark minnows dressed on the best saltwater-hooks you can find. 

These prolific flats and reefs can be challenging fly fishing environments and shots at iconic species like the GT often come with a very short window of opportunity. 

You’ll also find yourself in a diverse window of opportunities and the odd shot at a school of bonefish during low tide. Maalifushi’s Fly Fishing experiences are available from January to April (weather and tide dependent). As part of COMO Hotels and Resorts’ sustainability ethos, strict catch and release rules are practiced for all fish caught on the flats.

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