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a passion for the endangered Golden Mahseer of the Himalayas!

Growing-up close the Himalayan foothills fueled Misty’s passion for the Golden Mahseer. As a result he spent the most significant part of his 20’s and 30’s embarking on angling-pilgrimages in search of Asia’s iconic bio-indicator species, the Golden Mahseer. A journey that led to some deep connections and understanding about the communities that surround Golden Mahseer water-sheds in some of the most inhabited parts of our planet. 

A Passionate angler at heart!

All of Misty’s Golden Mahseer fishing expeditions use single-barbless-hooks and catch-and-release fishing. 

Seeking, rewarding fly fishing for Golden Mahseer was fueled by the unexpected moments, perspectives and cultural insights that shaped Misty Dhillon’s lens in travel. Witnessing fascinating, indigenous wildlife and sustainable living practices while Misty spent years on the banks of the western Ramganga River that feeds one of India’s finest tiger reserves, the Jim Corbett Park. Also one of the finest habitat for the Golden Mahseer. 

Misty’s passion also lead him to organizing fine-detail, expedition-travel in search of new fly-fishing frontiers. Often involving complicated logistics – special permits and much of the stepping into the unknown as one can imagine.

His passion also led him to training India’s first generation fly-fishing guides em-powered by the blessings of being India’s first FFF certified Casting-Instructor back in 2011.  

Though most significantly. For 15-years, Misty Dhillon has successfully used angling and minimal impact, community based, eco-tourism as a tool for protecting fragile eco-systems and bio-indicator species like the Golden Mahseer. Most of his conservation initiatives have been on a grass-roots level. Empowering and employing local communities to honor the Golden Mahseer by bringing more awareness and pride among communities through more intensional and attentive travel.  

Learn about traveling with H.E.A.R.T. 

  • H – Humble 
  • E – Engaged 
  • A – Awake 
  • R – Resilient 
  • T – Thankful 

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