Golden Mahseer expert Misty Dhillon

Growing-up close the Himalayan foothills of India fueled Misty’s quest. He literally spent his 20’s and 30’s running rivers and embarking on angling-pilgrimages in search Asia’s iconic bio-indicator species, the Golden Mahseer.

Misty's Love for Golden Mahseer started when he was 15.

For over 20-years he has guided and hosted anglers from all-walks-of-life into Golden Mahseer waters.

Misty grew-up in the foothills of the India’s Himalayas, pioneering fly- fishing for the highly evolved Golden Mahseer.

While also seeking rewarding, unexpected moments, perspectives and cultural insights that leave lasting impressions. A passion that lead Misty Dhillon also to organizing expedition-travel in search of new frontiers. Often involving complicated logistics – special permits and much of the stepping into the unknown as one can imagine in the remote, sub-Himalaya. 

Misty also trained India’s first generation fly-fishing guides em-powered by the blessings of being India’s first FFF certified Casting-Instructor. 


Over the years he has also developed a range of flies exclusively for Golden Mahseer fishing. 

Misty has also been involved in community conservation to protect Golden Mahseer habitat. A journey that brought a much deeper connection to the communities in these regions, allowing Misty to understand the importance of intentional and meaningful travel when visiting these remote locations.


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