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Golden Mahseer Fishing and Fly Fishing Tackle suggestions for your next trip.

Mahseer Fishing trips can take some planning.

Learn from my 20 years of experience and save time and money on your tackle investments.

Having key knowledge about what works best can be the difference between the one that got away and the one that didn’t! 

Therefore having the right Golden Mahseer fishing tackle is an essential part of your time in these world-class waters

The window for catching a beautiful Golden Mahseer is narrow and often competitive, especially if you are fishing public waters of Nepal and India, so being well prepared can help you make the most of your Mahseer adventures. 

Additionally, Mahseer waters are home to remote Himalayan backcountry, where tackle shops aren’t easy to come by, so you need to have all that you need with you. 

While some parts of your Golden Mahseer adventure must be left to the unknown, your fishing tackle certainly shouldn’t! Most local outfitters aren’t equipped well enough when it really comes down to it, so it is essential to do your homework before hitting the water. 

Don’t worry, I have it all neatly laid out for you.

Mahseer fishing guide Misty Dhillon

What does that mean?

For two decades, I obsessed over not just being on Golden Mahseer waters at the right time, but also learning from anglers across the globe how to be well equipped. 

I’ve learned the importance of river safety to making sure that EVERY part of your terminal tackle is seen all the way through, and I am excited to share my years of experience with you.

"Learn what has taken me 20 years, in just a few minutes. Save money and increase your chances of catching a beautiful Golden Mahseer, knowing exactly what to buy."
Misty Dhillon
Misty Dhillon

Mahseer Tackle isn't cheap.

  • Don’t waste money on fishing tackle you’ll never use. 
  • Know what to use, and where, be it fishing or fly fishing in Bhutan, Nepal or India! 
  • Source your information directly from the experts, in just a few minutes. 
  • Invest in your passion. Invest in yourself. 
  • Create quality time on the water by gearing up well. 



All you need to know about catching the fish of your dreams! 


Golden Mahseer
$ 39.95
  • 10 MUST Have Lures
  • Lure Applications
  • Replacement Hooks
  • Fish Smart. Not Hard.
  • How to Prep a lure
  • Recommended Lines
  • Terminal Tackle
  • Rods & Reels
  • Daily Schedule
  • Bonus Tips


  • River Safety & Wading
  • River Reading
  • Gear Check List
  • The Mahseer Knot
  • Trip Planning
  • Dos & Don'ts


Golden Mahseer
$ 59.95
  • 10 MUST Have Flies
  • Fly Hooks for Mahseer
  • Fish Smart. Not Hard.
  • 5 Key Fly Lines
  • 3 Best Spey Lines
  • Fly Line Extensions
  • Making your Leader
  • Rods & Reels
  • Daily Schedule
  • Bonus Tips

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