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India's expert naturalist, Ritish Suri.

Seasoned with over two-decades guiding wildlife safaris and bird-watching expeditions, in addition to owning and operating an award winning-lodge makes Ritish one of the best guides in the business.

A passionate naturalist.

At young age Ritish followed his dream into becoming one of India’s leading wildlife naturalists.

For a decade Ritish owned and managed one of India’s most Inspiring Eco Lodge; award-winning, Camp Forktail Creek that sat on the edge of Jim Corbett Park. India’s oldest National Park that marked India’s commitment to conservation. As a result Ritish was also host to some of the best bird-watching India has to offer. Leading expeditions, operating a lodge and living at the edge of Jim Corbett Park. he leads much the lifestyle that for many of us only exists in dreams. 

The expert of some India’s richest bio-diversity. Ritish is also an expert host, charismatic, with a good sense of humor and a great attitude even at the end of a long day’s adventure. 

As a result of his expertise he has also worked with some well known wildlife film-makers, television shows and is a mentor for young naturalists and future ambassadeurs of Indian wildlife. 

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