Poonam Rawat
Peaches & Pears Home Stay

Poonam Rawat of Peaches & Pears Home Stay in northern India.

A passionate traveler – Poonam empowers her local communities by teaming-up with young widows. In an effort to uplift her community using eco-tourism as a tool. She’s created a unique, home-stay that is run entirely by ladies in little Himalayan town of Gopeshwar, Uttarakhand, in Northern India.

Poonam Rawat, Peaches & Pears, Gopeshwar, Northern India

She’s the vision behind award winning, Peaches & Pears home-stay. Up-leveling her local community by using eco-tourism as a tool and attracting the conscious traveler. A one-of-a-kind but also authentic travel experiences offering cultural insights, short day-adventures to quaint mountain villages and mountain tops overlooking Uttarakhand’s awe-inspiring Himalayan vistas that divide India from China.

She’s an expert at hand-crafting experiences that she personally hosts. Doing justice to her vision but also sharing some authentic connections that are some of the most potent aspects of any journey. Her efforts are sparking a growing interest and a recent award by the Adventure Travel Trade Association for her initiatives in the field.

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