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2022 Costa Rica Vacation Packages
for couples, families, groups, and the solo seeker.

Costa Rica is home to some of the Earth’s most precious natural wonders. From rich protected ecosystems offering lush homes to brilliant flora and fauna, to spectacular Cloud Forests, Costa Rica does not disappoint. Melt away your worries with its’ healing volcanic hot springs, and explore the wild surfs along its enormous coastline. Feel the power of gushing waterfalls in brilliant blue waters and experience the Caribbean flow of oceanic peace. 

Costa Rica excites, soothes, and restores the most passionate travellers. No matter what sparks your passion, Costa Rica has something rich to offer you.

Check out three sample itineraries to this beautiful destination. All activities, locations, accommodations, etc. can be customized to your interests. 

Explore Costa Rica's Ecosystem of Renewal!

Experience the BEST of Costa Rica in this incredible 10 Day journey designed to delight and rejuvenate nature lovers with Costa Rica’s greatest local gems! This adventure features Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, La Fortuna’s thermal springs, and a journey to Costa Rica’s coastal BLUE ZONE, Nicoya Peninsula! 

Tarpon Fly Fishing in Costa Rica

Enjoy a 7 day fly fishing adventure on Costa Rica’s gleaming Caribbean waters. Set on the edge of Gandoca wildlife refuge, this small Afro-Caribbean influenced village borders with Panama, offering an angler’s paradise.

Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Experience a true Pura Vida experience! Pura Vida is a widely used term in Costa Rica that means living a “pure/simple life”. Spend time rejuvenating in a “Blue Zone”. There are only 5 known Blue Zones in the world! (Blue Zones are places where people’s lifestyle, environment, and diet provide the perfect healthy combination for long and healthy life.) Travelers that have returned from this journey boast that the Pura Vida experience stays with them long after they return home. 

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2022 is a great year to plan those vacations that you’ve always dreamt of taking. Reunion with a loved ones, friends, or family are made more special when you choose to experience travel together. We know coordinating everyone’s interests and activity levels can get overwhelming, so leave the logistics to us and enjoy the ride!  We specialize in custom travel and aligning each journey to the vision of our travelers. 

Custom Tailor Your Package

Create your own journey!

Interested in experiencing Costa Rica with a different itinerary? No problem. We can custom tailor the perfect journey for you. We specialize in crafting meaningful adventures, saving  you time and energy coordinating everyone’s interests by leaving the details to us. Tell us what is calling you and then enjoy the ride!

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