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Embark on a 12-day Snow Leopard Expedition in enchanting Ladakh, India!

Brace for Himalayan awe and wildlife thrills, starring the elusive Snow Leopards and Tibetan Wolves.

Join us on an epic 12-day Snow Leopard Expedition in Ladakh, India! Prepare for jaw-dropping vistas of the Himalayas and thrilling wildlife encounters, including elusive Snow Leopards and Tibetan Wolves.

But remember, India requires a visa and a valid passport (at least six months). Also, be patient while pursuing these high-altitude wonders; they’re as sly as seasoned travelers seeking the perfect Instagram shot. So, gear up for a mystical adventure in the Land of High Passes!


  • International Airport: New Delhi (DEL)
  • Starting At Price: $ 7,745 per participant.  
  • Capacity: Ideally 14 participants. 
  • Duration: 14 Days 13 Nights.  
  • Dates: For prime spotting, embrace winter’s chill from November to February, when these elusive felines frolic in snowy splendor. Trust us, it’s ‘purr’-fect!
  • Activity Level: Challenging! Ladakh, the jewel of the Himalayas, promises breathtaking beauty, but it’s no cakewalk! For snow leopard sightings, brace for early mornings, freezing hikes at 11,000+ feet, and a wild adventure!

14 days, 13 nights

Daily Schedule

Incredible India awaits your arrival! Your adventure begins with a seamless private transfer to the luxurious Pullman. Savor a delightful hotel lunch, relish dinner at a local gem, and then tuck into your comfy room for a well-deserved rest. 🌟

Your Ladakh adventure kicks off with a VIP airport transfer. In Leh, our local gurus lead you on a thrilling tour. Meet high-altitude locals – Ladakhis, Tibetan nomads, and adventurous Westerners. Leh, at 11,000 feet, is a vibrant trading hub on the edge of High Asia. It buzzes with exotic finds and a colorful tapestry of people.

Leh, perched at 11,400 feet, welcomes you with its high-altitude charm. Arriving by air lets you ease into acclimatization – crucial when chasing elusive snow leopards. Spend 2 1⁄2 days to prep your lungs for higher altitudes and exciting treks. Meet a Snow Leopard Conservancy expert to uncover the fascinating journey of snow leopard conservation in Ladakh. Learn about the cats’ past and discover the battles they face today, all while preparing for your own thrilling encounter. Snow leopards await, but first, embrace the Leh way of life!

Embark on an epic adventure in Ladakh! After a hearty breakfast, hit the road eastward, unveiling breathtaking vistas on your journey to Taglang La, Gya, Lhato, and Meru villages. This route, even by Ladakhi standards, is a stunner, like the day the Indian mainland decided to do the limbo under the Asian land mass!

As you ascend into this mystical land, the scenery gets so dramatic it’s like the Himalayas are auditioning for an action movie. And guess what? You might just stumble upon some of the region’s A-listers like Blue Sheep, Golden Eagles, and the rockstars of the bird world, Bearded Vultures!

So, get ready to sip on the adrenaline-fueled cocktail of high-altitude driving and wildlife spotting. Buckle up for a Ladakh safari that’ll make you wonder why you ever considered a beach holiday.

For an unforgettable encounter with Ladakh’s elusive snow leopards, trust the local legends – experienced guides who’ve practically grown up with these mystical creatures. With their wisdom and gear, embark on a journey into Ladakh’s wild heart. Our top-notch wildlife trackers will unveil nature’s secrets. Your adventure, our pampering – return each night to a snug lodge, savoring delectable cuisine and spirits. It’s the perfect blend of thrill and comfort!

In Ladakh, chasing snow leopards is like searching for the Himalayan version of a celebrity. To kick off your adventure, we’ve got a swanky private transfer waiting at the lodge’s doorstep. After a smooth check-in at the Grand Dragon Hotel, your time is yours to unleash the market-hopping shopaholic within and savor the tranquil vibes of Leh. Enjoy your freedom!

 Your Ladakh adventure comes to a close, but worry not! Our trusty chauffeur is like your travel BFF, whisking you away from Leh’s majestic landscapes to the bustling streets of Delhi. We’re talkin’ VIP style. Stepping off that plane, you’ll spot your personal transport, and before you know it, you’re in the lap of luxury at the Pullman Hotel. It’s like a seamless travel symphony!

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime! Our seamless, private transfer service from Delhi Airport will whisk you away to any corner of India with ease. Wake up to a complimentary breakfast at your hotel, fueling you for the incredible experiences ahead. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of India’s culture, cuisine, and history. The final leg of your journey promises to be unforgettable!


  • Arrival meet & greet at pre-designated facility for 2-night parking.
  • Shuttle transfers, meals as listed. 
  • No hassles with all logistics planned, special activities, reservations, and excursions as listed in your itinerary. 
  • Detailed packing checklist. 
  • Maps of destination. 
  • Quick access Google shared folder for your convenience, anywhere, anytime. 
  • Guidance on travel policies, do’s and don’ts. 
  • A consciously-designed itinerary intentionally made to manifest your greatest desires for your journey.
  • Our Process that includes:
    • Pre journey interview (1-hr). 
    • During journey practices & support. 
    • Post journey reflection (1-hr). 
  • Complimentary Travel with H.E.A.R.T. gift packages before departure (includes over $50 worth of travel goodies and printed essentials for your journey!)
  • Applicable taxes & credit card processing fee are included.


Book your stay at this luxurious experience now and enjoy the luxury of an all-inclusive wildlife itinerary. All reservations are subject to availability at the time of deposit.

13 Nights

For 2 Guests
$ 10,600
Per Person
  • Private Departure

13 Nights

For 4 Guests
$ 9,900
Per Person
  • Private Departure

13 Nights

For 6 Guests
$ 8,200
Per Person
  • Private Departure

13 Nights

For 8 Guests
$ 7,745
Per Person
  • Private Departure

What's not included.

  • Transfers that are not listed. 
  • Medical (field rescue), security and/or cancellation insurance. 
  • Any items of personal nature such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tips (ask for guidelines), laundry, telephone calls etc. 
  • Expenses incurred due to flight delays, road-blocks and any circumstances beyond our control. 
  • Any large tax hikes and new levies shall be payable extra and shall be billed accordingly with prior notice.

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