Transformative Travel LLC

Transform Your World with Self Mastery.

Transformative coaching programs are for those looking to consciously evolve, grow, and cultivate mastery of Self and their relationships. This means acknowledging and understanding the wisdom of our emotions, body, heart, & mind, while taking full responsibility for creating our lives. We use effective and proven tools to awaken self awareness, healing, conscious relating and transformative communication to foster deliberate manifestations in our lives.

Aikta and Misty Dhillon of Transformative Travel

About Your Coach: Aikta Suri Dhillon

Aikta has over two decades of experiences facilitating transformative shifts for people all over the world. She has:

  • Over a decade of experience serving as lead co-facilitator for a Baltimore based spiritual women’s circle called The Goddess Within. 
  • More than a decade of experience in facilitating programs around Human growth and development combined with contemplative arts. 
  • A Masters in Contemplative Education from Naropa University where I wrote my thesis on all relationships serving as spiritual mirrors for Self.
  • Certification in the Three Way Mirror technique from the Progressive Love Academy (PLA) Aikta has studied with PLA since 2012.
  • Certification in UPLVL Communication System from PLA.
  • Certification in the Trust Forum and Lacing technique from PLA.
  • Nearly a decade of experience designing transformative travel journeys all over the world.