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Set up your complimentary consultation to find out what is calling you and explore your personal passion, new experiences, together and individually.  

If quality time is a priority to you then pace and activity level can also be important considerations. 

Leave the planning to us whether you are traveling as a couple, small group or an individual. 

Dates and seasons are important factors in manifesting your dream journey and so is your budget. So reach out to us by scheduling your complimentary consultation. 

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Sometimes traveling alone fruits the most potent adventure. There is something very powerful available to us when we are alone in a new space – it gives one the unique opportunity to explore new aspects of ourselves and the world around us. We love to support individual travelers by providing them with a journey where are all the details are taken care of and you can focus on your personal journey in new territory. Feeling called?

Small Groups

Planning a group trip can be a lot of work. Finding and coordinating the right balance, pace, activity levels and priorities of a group can quite overwhelming. After all the work of coordinating, travelers sometimes end a trip feeling drained and fatigued, rather than rejuvenated. Our process will point your group in the right direction. Saving your your precious time so you can focus more on simply enjoying yourself and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Our unique process has a way of creating deeper bonds within our groups as well. Just what you need? 

Relaxing in Turks & Caicos Islands

Retreat Facilitators

Benefit from our years of travel experience, connections, resources, and expertise in hosting retreats. Get your retreat planning going in the right direction and follow our 4-part process with your travelers to bring more value to the experiences your offer. Sign-up here.

The Taj at first Light

Travel Agents

It can often be hard putting the right travelers on the right trips. The difference between a good and a great journey can be huge for your business. Sign-up for our process and custom design to bring more value to your travelers inner and outer journey. Contact us to set your travelers up for a successful trip and taking your travel business to the next level by signing up here.

Media & Writers

Looking at your journey through right perspective can make or break your story. Our 4-part process opens the doors for new possibilities during your journey. While leaving your well prepared for the unknown by being Humble, Engaged, Aware, Resilient and Thankful. Step out more intensionally by signing up for you next calling.  

Non Profits

Sign up for a complimentary consultation to find out how our process can bring value to the mission of your organization. Spark your mission with our process. Create your ideal program with our expert advise on the outer and inner aspects that line up with your mission. Non-profits may sign-up here for a custom designing attentive and intensional travel programs.

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Our Process

Bring more meaning to your journey locally, nationally or internationally with our 4-part process. 

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 Want to craft a journey you don’t see on our website? Work with our Transformative Travel Team to create a custom-designed journey. 

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