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We believe deeply in the power of collaboration and are excited to connect with various like-minded partners. 

Together we work to provide powerful experiences through meaningful travel. 



In our vision of supporting transformation through intensional travel we partner with world class tour operators, nonprofits, community wisdom keepers, artists, naturalists, local guides, tourism boards, lodges, camps, media, gear companies, industry partners, and more to collaborate to create potent experiences for our travelers. 



Life Pieces To Masterpieces (LPTM) uses artistic expression and a unique Human Development System to develop character, unlock potential, and prepare African American boys and young men to transform their lives and community. 

Their work changes the way black young men and boys see themselves, the way the world sees black boys and young men, and nurtures their young men to serve as leaders in mending our shared humanity.


The Transformative Travel process, “the 4 C’s” is adopted from Life Pieces To Masterpieces’ signature creative process! 

Transformative Travel is also honored to offer the young men of LPTM outdoor experiences to cultivate deeper connections to the natural world, to one another, and themselves.



Bluemont, Virginia, USA

Sanctuary on the Trail, Inc.

Sanctuary on the Trail’s mission is “Helping Leaders First” and “Bringing recognition to the contributions that the Indigenous of the Americas have made to the globe”, and to “reduce suffering in the world.” Founders of Sanctuary on the Trail, Renè and Chris White are also guardians of a Paleo-Indian solstice ceremonial site that dates back over 10,000 years old. (The oldest above ground ceremonial site found in North America.) 

How we partner!

Sanctuary on the Trail honors and shares the indigenous wisdom inherent in Turtle Island (The United States) with our Transformative Travel team. René and Chris serve as mentors, as well as rich networking resources for Transformative Travel to create meaningful journeys that honor and share the living wisdom that has been present on this land for thousands of years. 

Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Manakin Tours

Manakin tours is a 100% Costa Rican company, created by Douglas Morales and his family, all locals from the Nicoya Peninsula. They are passionate about mother nature and her creations, and aim to educate, protect, and encourage sustainability on the peninsula. Douglas explains the name of his company, “Manakin is a bird species found on the Nicoya peninsula and like all of us, this bird has been here for generations. Our grandfathers were some of the original founders of this peninsula and it is a privilege to take visitors around the area to learn the local history and first steps of our ancestors in this important sector of Costa Rica.”

How we partner!

Manakin Tours serves as our hosts in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. They provide our guests with authentic experiences and a true connection to Costa Rican wildlife, environment, and culture. It is an honor to work with the indigenous people of the land and to connect with Costa Rica through this authentic lens. 

Howard County, Maryland, USA

Visit Howard County

Transformative Travel is located in Howard County, Maryland, one of the most vibrant communities in America.  From historic towns such as SavageEllicott City, to the dynamic communities of Columbia, Elkridge, rural Woodstock, and West Friendship, Howard County has something for everyone.

How we partner!

Transformative Travel partners with Visit Howard County to bring attention to the local gems of Howard County, Maryland through unique travel packages that feature transformative team building, hiking, fly fishing, kayaking,  history, and culinary experiences. 

Boulder, Colorado, USA

Lhadrima Foundation

The mission of the Lhadrima Foundation, founded by the renowned artist Cynthia Moku, is “Connecting wisdom traditions and communities through the arts”.

How we partner!

We are honored to share that the Lhadrima Foundation guides and assists in creating the vision and methods used at Transformative Travel LLC. 

Ellicott City, Maryland, USA

Little Market Café

Located in Old Ellicott City along the historic Tonge Row, Little Market Café offers a wonderful community gathering space and serves a variety of thoughtfully curated breakfast and lunch options, and of course great warm brews! 

How we partner!

Packed meals for our Local H.E.A.R.T Journeys in the Ellicott City area are carefully crafted and packaged by Little Market Café. Their menu features something for everyone. Omnivore, veggie-lover, vegan & gluten-free in the form of  sandwiches are even named after places around town, music we love, as well as folks from the community.

The Gift of Experience


COMO Hotels and Resorts offer luxury travel experiences with personalized service in elegant properties, each individually curated to reflect its location.

How we partner!

The luxury wellness oriented COMO helps us treat our travelers to exclusive, a la carte experiences that are custom tailored to suit a host of interests that may call you to the MaldivesTurk & Caicos, Bali, or Bhutan.  


Expeditions India

They are a family owned and operated team of river experts and enthusiasts offering epic whitewater river rafting and kayaking expeditions throughout the Indian Himalaya. As a responsible adventure tour operator, they uphold rigorous safety standards, practice environmental and social sustainability on all of our trips, and offer incredible adventures on India’s most spectacular rivers.

How we partner!

Our India float trips and white water journeys are carefully crafted and personally hosted by Expeditions India founder Anvesh Singh Thappa who is a seasoned river-runner with over 20 years of experience of running rivers in India and across the world.  


Geeli Mitti Foundation

The Geeli Mitti Foundation was established to supply local communities with a means of income while teaching sustainable living practices to enact social change worldwide. When a community cultivates its connection to the Earth through permaculture farming, natural building, and eco-sustainability, it attracts tourism from all over the world, bringing economic prosperity to the people and abundance to the land.

How we partner!

Our journeys, such as the Sustainable Living Expedition include a 3 nights stay in the sustainably built, home stay and permaculture farm in the scenic Himalayan foothills of Kumaon, northern India. Each journey is personally hosted by the founder Shagun Singh. 


Creative Travel

Showcasing engaging and unique experiences across India. 

How we partner!

India’s award winning DMC (Destination Management Company) caters to signature services from special interest journeys, to experiencing India’s rich heritage that can easily date back a few hundred years if not more. 

Seattle, Washington, USA

Transformational Travel Council

Empowering travel in fulfilling its interpersonal, transformative, and regenerative potential one heart, one place at a time. 

How we partner!

We are proud to be a TTC ALLY partner. We participated in the initial Transformative Travel Mentor/Designer Mastermind group, and have since supported the program by offering exclusive classes on “The Power of Ritual in Travel” for their future cohorts. 



Situated at the southern end of the prolific Ambergris Caye flats. Blue Bonefish Lodge is an ideal set and exclusive 12 guest, all inclusive, ocean front experience that is home to world class fly fishing for Permit, Bonefish and Tarpon.

How we partner!

Transformative Travel experience features all-inclusive programs for couples and singles while feeling at home at this exclusive, owner run, 12 guest lodge that offers great proximity to the famed Belize reef system.

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA


Heart+Soil uses 100% botanical ingredients and eco-conscious packaging. Their philosophy is “the more we live in alignment with the natural world the healthier we’ll be”. Each one of Heart + Soil Herbal Skincare products are a reflection of that belief.

How we partner!

We believe self care is an important aspect of intentionally traveling with H.E.A.R.T. , hence all of our overnight journeys include a HELLO Travel Kit that features trials sizes of ALL of Heart+Soil herbal skincare products! 

The best way we can describe their products is “loving-kindness practice in a bottle!” 

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, USA

River & Trail Outfitters

River & Trail Outfitters offers adventures and activities for all ages and abilities. Proudly serving Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia for 47 years. 

How we partner!

River & Trail Outfitters assists us in providing epic adventures for our guests. Their personal team works closely with us to customize ideal journeys for our travelers. 



SET Fly Fishing offers exclusive lodges, fly fishing adventures with great attention to detail, high level of service and an experienced professional guide team.

How we partner!

Together we partner to offer world class fly fishing adventures. Personalized to fit your fly fishing priorities in exclusive and prolific Argentinian waters. 



Aquaterra Adventures are India’s pioneer river runners. They maintain a meticulous safety standard with some of the most seasoned river teams in the business for over 25 years.  

How we partner!

Transformative Travel partners with Aquaterra Adventures to offer a host of fixed date departures as well as custom-tailored journeys in the Indian Himalayas. 

Maryland, United States

Maryland History Tours

Explore the historic back streets of Ellicott City, museums, and local gems that are better restored carefully unlike many other parts of the world, thanks to a conscious community and historic preservation society. 

How we partner!

Transformative travel partners with Maryland history tours to bring awareness to the gems of the Ellicott city area such as the Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum. 

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