Connect to the roots of sustainable living in the Himalayan foothills of Northern India.

 Join natural building and sustainable-living experts Shagun Singh and Ramawtar Singh, along with river-expedition leader Anvesh Thapa for a 12-day adventure  through India’s Himalayas.

Day by Day

Welcome to India! Take the day to settle in after a long journey an the comfort of your accommodation. 

Journey to the Geeli Mitti Farms early this morning with Ramawtar Singh on board the Kathgodam Shatabdi Express Train.

Arrive by mid-day before being chauffeured to Pangot. A bird-watchers paradise that sits just over 6,500 ft. overlooking some of the Kumaon’s awe-inspiring Himalayan vistas. Feel welcomed by your host Shagun Singh and co-host Ramawtar Singh for your 3-night stay at Geeli Mitti Farms.

For the next two days, celebrate the Indian festival of colors, Holi while learning to live sustainably, eat locally, learning hands-on; real-life skills from renowned natural building, permaculture farming, and sustainable-living experts Shagun Singh and Ramawtar Singh. Also explore creating artistic creations using seeds found in the area. 

Say goodbye to your host Shagun Singh  following Kumaon’s mountain-roads all the way to the borders of India and Nepal to meet your river-expedition leader Anvesh Thapa. 

Journey along the remote banks of the lower Saryu river as you honor your connection to this ancient land and the rich Kumaoni culture. Visit villages on the borders of India and Nepal who practice sustainable-living. Learn about organic, vegan butter found in local trees as well as traditional farming practices. End your day with a refreshing bucket bath using locally-prepared soap and shampoo.

Journey through this ancient and prolific river-corridor negotiating a series of class 2 and 3 rapids on the Mahakali river that demarcates the borders of India and Nepal. Feel privileged to be in the company of your seasoned hosts as you end the days on a river-beach camp sitting around a small-fire. The perfect setting for contemplative reflection overlooking the foothills of Nepal from the banks of India.

Feel connected and part of a team as your self-contained expedition paddles it’s way along this remote river-corridor. Wittiness life in rural India and Nepal as you float past some small and big terraced villages along the Himalayan mountainsides before ending your river adventure at Tanakpur. Continue your journey with a dive to Kathgodam train station to board your train to New Delhi.

 You will be chauffeurs to the New Delhi Indira Gandhi International airport (IGI) after a scrumptious breakfast. 

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