Golden Mahseer Fishing Float Trips, Nepal ,Bhutan & India

Treat yourself to disconnecting and going back to basics. Journey on a self-contained, river-journey traveling through some of the world’s most ancient living cultures while chasing “the fish of your dreams”.

Golden Mahseer Float Trips

Join our travel tribe on angling-explorations in search of the best fishing.

These float trips can hence be quite basic. Dry-pit toilets is usually the norm, as some journey through critical-habitat but also strictly adhere to low-footprint guidelines that are set within these nature reserves.

Days can generally be long. Floating anywhere from 5-15 river-miles depending on the conditions. Guests are expected to paddle as a team negotiating the rapids of the day. Packing and unpacking at the end of each day. But also having the flexibility to change plans, move-on or stay put even for a few nights if it seems worth-while exploring more fishing. All of the fishing is catch-and-release.

Lunches are usually packed. But plenty of snacks to get our travelers through low fishing-times (afternoons) that are generally spent visiting villages who are also winding-down from the morning’s activities.

The days usually end reflecting on your day and swapping stories around a small bon-fire (depending on forestry regulations). Following a sumptuous and freshly prepared dinner by the in-house camp-chef. Hence these journeys certainly push the limits of your day-to-day life. Breaking assumptions about one’s self but also of cultures and fisheries.

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