Golden Mahseer Fly Fishing Trips in Bhutan, Nepal & India.

Misty Dhillon’s favourite Golden Mahseer fly fishing trips in Bhutan, Nepal and India’s Himalayan foothills aren’t your average fishing trip. Each adventure is intensionally designed to suit your priorities while fishing for the Golden Mahseer of your dreams. 

Moreover, we are also excited that you are considering personal passion and experiences making fishing or fly fishing for Mahseer more meaningful by traveling consciously. 

Golden Mahseer Fishing Trips

Starting from: $ 2,650 pp, double occupancy.


Golden Mahseer Fly Fishing in Bhutan

Bhutan's Royal Golden Mahseer

Currently closed for international travel.

Golden Mahseer Fly Fishing in Central Bhutan

Just 4-hrs from the beautiful, river-side and traditionally made international terminal of Paro is fly fishers paradise. Bhutan’s Puna Tsang Chhu (river) that enjoys protected status, easy access, sparse human impact, remote, un-pressured waters as well as ancient cultures, living sustainably and in harmony with nature. 

  • Duration: 10 days
  • Airport: Bhutan, Paro International Airport (PBH)
  • Starting from: $9,200 per angler


Nepal Golden Mahseer Fishing Babai

Royal Bardiya National Park, Nepal

Currently, OPEN for international travel.

Golden Mahseer Fishing - Western Nepal

Fascinating, rich and vibrant with diversity. Western Nepal’s, Royal Bardiya National Park offers a seasonal opportunity to combine fly fishing for Golden Mahseer as well as wildlife safaris guided by seasoned experts Misty Dhillon, Ritish Suri and Dr. Denis Shrestha. 

  • Duration: 10-days
  • Airport: Nepal, Kathmandu International Airport (KTM)
  • Starting from: $7,500 per angler
  • Availability: 2-spots available


Golden Mahseer Fly Fishing

Mahseer fishing in India's Ramganga River

Currently closed for international travel.

Jim Corbett Park, Northern India

Kumaon’s (India) richly varied habitat was made popular by Jim Corbett’s classic epic, The Man Eaters of Kumaon. Moreover, India’s oldest Tiger Reserve,  dedicated to Jim Corbett, also offers a seasonal window to connect to the fish of your dreams in Kumaon’s Western Ramganga River.  One of India’s best Golden Mahseer fishing rivers, especially for fly fishing. 

  • Duration: 8 days 
  • Airport: India, New Delhi International Airport (DEL) 
  • Starting from: $2,650 per angler 


Mahseer fly fishing record

Saryu River, India

Currently closed for international travel.

Golden Mahseer Fishing India & Nepal's Frontier

Dreaming of catching a double figure Golden Mahseer while fly fishing or conventionally? Our dedicated fishing programs on the borders of Nepal and India certainly offers a chance of living that dream. 

  • Duration: 10-12 day options 
  • Airport: India, New Delhi International Airport (DEL) 
  • Starting from: $3,300 per angler

Best Times

Mahseer Fishing Season

Even though seasons for Golden Mahseer fishing as well as fly fishing India, Nepal or Bhutan’s rivers may vary from one river to another. 

Generally speaking, April, May and even early June. September and October are some of the best months for fishing in the Himalayas, especially for Golden Mahseer. 

Schedule your complimentary consultation (virtual) with our in-house expert, Misty Dhillon.

Golden Mahseer Fishing, India

Frequently Asked Questions

International Travel

We recommend planning your Himalayan fishing adventure to Bhutan, Nepal or India quite intensionally. 

In addition, traveling during unprecedented times requires that you cover your fishing or fly fishing adventure with trip cancelation insurance. 

Lastly, visa policies can also change without notice, therefore it is important to plan ahead. 

Virtual Event

Record Breaking Golden Mahseer Flies

Learn to tie record-breaking flies for Golden Mahseer with your host Misty Dhillon. Learn what materials to use, and how to simply tie them onto your hook effectively to entice the Golden Mahseer with a fly-rod.

  • Price: $49.95 
  • Scheduled: Sunday, May 16, 2-4 PM EST
Misty fly fishing for Mahseer


Best Rivers for Golden Mahseer Fly Fishing

Someone recently asked, what my top 3 rivers are, and why? 

A great question that inspired me to write and share some of my personal experiences while fly fishing for Mahseer. 

Guided Mahseer Fishing India

Private Access

Facebook Group

Learn about best industry practices, fly fishing techniques that include casting tips and product recommendations. Golden Mahseer fly tying, tips, techniques, best materials. Best Golden Mahseer fishing waters and seasons. Learn from expert guest speakers in the filed of Golden Mahseer fly fishing and conservation. Engage with experts one-on-one.

  • Price: $10 (billed monthly) 
Golden Mahseer fly fishing

An Iconic Fish

Golden Mahseer of the Himalayas

The iconic Himalayan Golden Mahseer have evolved with the youngest mountain ranges of the world. Not only do they grow well over 50 lbs, they are also some of the most powerful freshwater fish. Illusive in nature as well as beautiful due to their large iridescent, golden scales. 

Fly fishing guides Travel Tribe

Artistic Masterpieces

Zach Otte Art

Our merchandise currently includes artistic masterpieces from our favourite guides. As they represent some of their favourite fish species. These masterpieces also support their passion for fly fishing, communities, rivers and the planet. 

The Mahseer Trust

Because rivers need fish and people need rivers. 

The Experience

  • In contrast to most destination fisheries, Golden Mahseer are considered one of the most notoriously finicky and hard fighting freshwater fish. 
  • Besides fishing; a journey to Bhutan, Nepal or India can also be a great way to expand perspectives through human connection, cultural insights and philosophies of locals sharing habitat with the iconic Golden Mahseer. 
  • Though most importantly, our adventures are a commitment to making quality time for yourself. Pursuing your personal passion to manifest a fishing journey of your dreams by stepping out more intensionally and  with H.E.A.R.T. 

What makes us unique?

Our Process

Bring more meaning to your journey locally, nationally or internationally with our 4-part process. 

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