Finding good Golden Mahseer waters?

A Float-trip is probabaly your best bet. Here's why?

Disconnecting and going back to basics is never a bad idea. Especially if you know you’re going to be consumed into fascination. The land of the Golden Mahseer is sure to leave an impressions, both culturally and environmentally. Especially as you float-away from it all. Covering water and finding the aggressive fish, strategically. But also giving yourself the opportunity see the real country. Most most never see without the lens of fly-fishing! 

Float Trips into Ancient Lands.

Chasing the fish of your dreams. 

These float trips can hence be quite basic. Dry-pit toilets is usually the norm, as some journey through critical-habitat but also strictly adhere to low-footprint guidelines that are set within these nature reserves.

Days can generally be long. Floating anywhere from 5-15 river-miles depending on the conditions. Guests are expected to paddle as a team negotiating the rapids of the day. Packing and unpacking at the end of each day. But also having the flexibility to change plans, move-on or stay put even for a few nights if it seems worth-while exploring more fishing. All of the fishing is catch-and-release.

Lunches are usually packed. But plenty of snacks to get our travelers through low fishing-times (afternoons) that are generally spent visiting villages or tying flies. 

The days usually end reflecting on your day and swapping stories around a small bon-fire (depending on forestry regulations). Following a sumptuous and freshly prepared dinner by the in-house camp-chef. Hence these journeys certainly push the limits of your day-to-day life. Breaking assumptions about one’s self but also of cultures and fisheries.

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