The mystical fish of legends. Golden Mahseer are an iconic, flag-ship species that swim in Himalayan rivers.

Golden Mahseer are considered a bio-indicator species that inhabit watersheds of the Himalayan foothills of Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar. Said to be efficient-omnivores. They are perhaps one of the most fascinating members of the carp-barbell family. Consequently also a species evolved over-time in the youngest mountain-ranges in the world. Armored with slick-glossy, iridescent-scales. Larger than you’d imagine nostrils. A vacuum-like mouth, large-eyes and a lateral-line that can detect landslides from miles it seems.

Golden Mahseer Fishing Habitat

Golden Mahseer are also called Himalayan Mahseer. It’s physical features and habitat probably as fascinating as the ancient lands it is still is found in. 

For generations anglers have been making the pilgrimage to Nepal, Bhutan and India in search of these legendary fish. 

While the goddess of world’s most pristine Himalayan Rivers can provide a rush that leads to a life-long devotion to encounter her once more. 

An encounter that even if brief, also leaves you with a complete sense of the accomplishment that such a feat entails.

Fishing for the Golden Mahseer is not for the faint-hearted. This mystical fish of legends can play quite hard to get while holding right in front of you, in sometimes gin-clear water. You will try to seduce her with your offerings, but she will wait for you to get it ‘just right’ before she takes a bite.

To our thinking devotees of notoriously finicky fish like Steelhead, Atlantic Salmon, Milkfish and Permit would bring the right set of exceptions to Golden Mahseer fishing.

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