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We believe travel is a vehicle for personal and collective transformation. When we travel, we have opportunities to learn and grow in profound ways. We craft each journey with this wisdom, and offer tools and practices to create meaningful travel experiences.

Our team is a perfect blend of seasoned travel experts in logistics and planning, along with decades of experience in contemplative practices to cultivate personal transformation. We honor both the inner and outer journey of our travelers. Each journey is designed through our unique 4 part process as well as attention to the embodiment of 5 key practices that make any journey meaningful.

We offer fixed date departures locally, nationally, and internationally as well as custom craft journeys that speak directly to the calling of our travel tribe. Each journey is consciously-designed journeys, for couples, small groups and individuals seeking meaningful travel experiences.



Aikta’s life changed forever in 2005. She graduated with her Masters in Contemplative Education from Naropa University, left her career as a public school teacher, and journeyed to India to explore alternative forms of education. During her 6 months of travel she met her husband Misty Dhillon, who already owned and operated an outdoor adventure company in India. From that moment forward India called to make it her new home, inspiring her to move from the USA to a remote village located along the buffer zone of India’s oldest tiger reserve – Jim Corbett National Park. For five years Aikta and Misty operated an ecolodge and built their mud home bordering critical tiger habitat. Her personal transformative experiences during this time deeply inform her work today.

For over two decades Aikta has coordinated, facilitated, and hosted retreats and workshops around the world. She has a passion for facilitating transformative experiences in various forms. Her extensive background in service-learning, contemplative education, retreats, relationship coaching, human development, and environmental education create a potent combination for crafting meaningful and transformative experiences for our guests.



Misty is an FFI certified casting instructor who is the world authority on Golden Mahseer fly fishing in the Himalayas. For more than two decades, Misty has worked alongside the world’s pioneers in expedition documentaries, fly fishing adventure travel, and sport travel journalists to bring to the world’s attention the elusive Golden Mahseer fishery. 

Misty’s work has always been to blend tourism with conservation. Misty initiated river conservation in the home waters of the Golden Mahseer in India’s Himalayas. By living with and training India’s first generation of local fly fishing guides, Misty encouraged ecotourism as a regenerative resource for sustainable income in local river communities. His work has made him passionate about using fly-fishing as a lens to empower communities to connect and protect their rivers and waterways, particularly people of color.

Today, Misty is a highly sought after fly fishing expedition leader and host. He brings more than 2 decades of experience in coordinating and hosting highly logistically complicated journeys to remote regions and has an infectious positivity & passion for being in the outdoors. Misty brings the expertise of logistics planning, community-based ecotourism, & adventure travel to the vision of Transformative Travel. 


Unique experiences that can’t be found anywhere else.

Our Travel Tribe works with the world’s best tour companies and resorts to bring you the absolute best. Our guests are always guaranteed a personalized experience that is tailored to their needs and interests, whether it’s a super-deluxe beachfront villa in the Maldives or a private safari in Botswana.

We believe that luxury travel should be about more than just seeing the sights—it should be about experiencing them in an authentic way. That’s why we offer private tours that are tailored to your interests, from wildlife and history to architecture or culinary expereinces. We offer personalized itineraries so you can focus on what matters most: getting to know your hosts at each stop along the way, eating local foods, learning about local customs, and making new friends along the way.



We have adopted the 4 C’s Process for our transformative journeys. Each guest begins their journey  with the first C – Connect.



“When you loose sight of your path, listen for the destination in your heart.” -Allen Walker



We believe deeply in the power of collaboration and are always excited to connect with various like-minded partners.

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