What makes us unique?

Transformative Travel uses the outdoors and travel as a tool to honor, both your outer and inner adventure. 

Each journey is designed through our unique 4 part process as well as attention to the embodiment of 5 key practices that make any journey meaningful.

We offer consciously-designed journeys for couples, small groups and individuals seeking meaningful travel experiences locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Harpers Ferry (Full-Day)

***Local H.E.A.R.T Journeys Special

2021 is a perfect time to plan a local outdoor reunion with your friends and family! So we’ve created this unique day-package to Harpers Ferry for those looking for a special outdoor adventure experience to share with loved ones. 

Departs: Friday, August 27, 2021

Journey Overseas

Cancel Anytime

Plan ahead to manifest your dream journey during the best season in 2022. 

Cancel anytime with our signature travel insurance making the most of lower airfares during Covid. 

Gift Certificates

Make someone's day!

Make someone feel appreciated with the gift of meaningful experiences through travel. 

Gift Cards are valid for 2 years. Claim your next adventure now!

Ellicott City Fly Fishing

Day Fly Fishing & Instruction

Manifest the fish of your dreams with you local fly fishing guide and instructor, Misty Dhillon. 

Feel confident exploring local waters of Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. 






The Company


Meet our people

Schedule your complimentary consultation with our in-house experts

Step 1


  • Connect via a FREE 30-minute video call. 
  • We will help you articulate exactly what travel experiences are calling you. 
  • Provide you with an overview of how to journey for wellness and transformation. 
  • Tell us about your travel desires, budget and what is inspiring you to make this journey.

Step 2


  • This pre-journey recorded interview will allow us to define the purpose of your journey.
  • Review trip details, set meaningful intentions, and go over best practices for transformative travel experiences that can be applied to your journey.

Step 3


  • This is your opportunity to engage fully in your transformative journey with H.E.A.R.T.
  • Practices to fully embody your intentions.

Step 4


  • Post-journey recorded interview with guided reflection.
  • Intentional processing of growth, and practices for carrying the transformation forward from every journey. 

Creating your dream journey

Custom Tailor

We love to supporting our travelers by providing them with a journey where all the details are taken care of. So you can focus on your personal journey in new territory. Call us if you are feeling called. 

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