H. E. A. R. T
Make travel meaningful.
Travel with an "empty cup" mindset. Open yourself to new learnings while actively letting go of preconceived ideas. Break all false feelings of superiority.
Immerse yourself and engage fully in your adventure. Move beyond travel for entertainment and challenge yourself to embrace new social and physical experiences. Look for opportunities to forge deeper connections.
Being conscious about the world around you and how you interact with and relate to it. Actively seek the unseen.
Embrace all challenges as an opportunity for growth.
Consciously explore new dimensions of gratitude offered by the journey.

Here's how we bring H.E.A.R.T to your outdoor experience?

  • By leaving no trace.
  • By respecting and honoring wildlife and the environment.
  • By respecting other people with whom you share the space. 
  • By being vulnerable enough to reflect deeper on your experience. 
  • Exploring the potency of Team vs I.
  • Encouraging travelers to expand their perspectives to include all living beings. 
  • Intentionally practice silence in the outdoors.
  • We provide all logistics, including activities, and meals and refreshments (where applicable) so you can fully engage in the adventure without any worries. 
  • We provide opportunities for you to socially-connect and engage with loved ones while safely physically-distancing in the outdoors. 
  • We pay attention to the environment and ecosystem, while honoring native habitat. 
  • We engage your physical self in the outdoors through hiking, fly-fishing, kayaking, canoeing, bird and wildlife watching. 
  • Simply put, we provide opportunities to engage in the natural world, one another, and yourself.
  • We explore with the intention of relating to the local ecosystem, and exploring our role as stewards.
  • We seek cultural and historical stories beneath the surface.
  • We offer mindfulness practice along the journey.
  • We offer opportunities to honor your inner journey.
  • We encourage mind-body connection practices (walking meditation, fly-fishing fully present…etc) We believe when mind and body are in sync, greater harmony is brought to your life experiences. 
  • We encourage explorers to pay attention to their inward journey when things don’t go as per plan, as these are opportunities to discover your own resilience!  
  • We provide pre and post journey rituals that build resilience. (*on applicable journeys)
  • We offer a positive attitude and encouraging language to foster the best in our explorers. 
  • We help explorers honor their physical potential and resilience while exploring the outdoors. 
  • We encourage a gratitude mindset.
  • We offer gratitude reflection exercises.
  • We support explorers to bring the renewal of the outdoors back into their everyday life. 

Humble Engaged  Aware Resilient Thankful

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What makes us different?

carefully crafted and attentive travel. Here’s how you can bring more value to you future travels. 

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