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Our Process

  1. CONNECT: Everything starts with connection. Connect via a 30-minute video call. We start by connecting and learning more about you, your travel plans, and what is calling you to make this journey. We also share about us, what we offer, and our transformative travel process.
  2. CREATE: Together we co-create a masterpiece. This pre-journey recorded interview will allow us to define the purpose of your journey, set meaningful intentions, and go over best practices for transformative travel experiences to be applied before, during, and after your journey.
  3. CONTRIBUTE: This is your opportunity to ENGAGE FULLY in your transformative journey, utilizing H.E.A.R.T. practices to fully embody your intentions during your travels.
  4. CELEBRATE: Post-journey recorded interview with guided reflection, intentional processing of growth, and suggested practices for carrying the transformation forward.

Step 1


This is your first step in fulfilling your “Call To Adventure”!  Together we will clarify the purpose and desires for your journey. We also share  exactly how Transformative Travel creates a meaningful container to cultivate profound life experiences.

Step 2


Travelers are presented with a consciously designed itinerary that reflects your purpose and desires. Travelers also utilize tools and exercises to prepare for a rich inner and outer journey.

Step 3


An opportunity to embody your intentions with the assistance of exercises, travel tribe hosts, and mentor guidance during your journey.

Step 4


Engage in a meaningful post journey reflection session highlighting insights gained with the Transformative Travel team.

What's Included

  • Our Process that includes:
    • Pre journey interview (1-hr). 
    • During journey practices & support. 
    • Post journey reflection (1-hr). 
  • Applicable taxes & credit card processing fee are included. 

Process Only

Our travel process follows all the best practices for transformational travel as defined by the Transformational Travel Council. Already have an adventure planned but want to make it meaningful? Sign up for our process that can be applied to any journey.

Group (3-5)

Process Only
$ 500
  • Our Signature Process

1 Person

Process Only
$ 250
Per Person
  • Our Signature Process

2 Travelers

Process Only
$ 300
Per Couple
  • Our Signature Process

Set-up your complimentary consultation with our in-house expert. 


The Transformative Mindset


These 5 practices make travel meaningful.

What is Calling You?

Custom Tailor Your Ideal Journey

 Want to craft a journey you don’t see on our website? Work with our Transformative Travel Team to create a custom-designed journey. 

The Transformative Tools


Expand your travel experience by walking the inner and outer P.A.T.H.

Contact us to learn more.

Gift Cards

Share the gift of attentive travel

Share the gift of travel and create precious moments cherished for a lifetime.