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Travel isn’t just about visiting new places; it’s a journey that hinges on the souls you encounter along the way. These individuals, with their unique perspectives and insights, serve as the catalysts for unlocking the hidden wisdom of each destination.

Enter our Travel Tribe guides, the custodians of this profound travel experience. Their mission? To educate and ignite a passion for genuine connection with every destination we explore. But their impact extends far beyond that; they challenge travelers to shatter the confines of preconceived notions about the world and themselves. By simply being their authentic selves and sharing their boundless enthusiasm, our Travel Tribe guides provide an unparalleled gateway to the very essence of a place.

Discover the world of hosts and guides at Transformative Travel. From seasoned naturalists and visionary artists to intrepid adventurers, community leaders, and local wisdom keepers, they form a mosaic that unveils the heart of each destination.

Embark on a journey, be it local, domestic, or international, and let our passionate tribe illuminate the path of transformation for you. Travel with us and discover not just places, but the transformative power of the people you’ll encounter along the way.

Co founder

Misty Dhillon

Misty’s expertise extends far and wide, making him a globally recognized authority in crafting exceptional river adventures. Beyond his achievements as a seasoned tour operator, Misty holds the prestigious certification as a Fly Fishers International (FFI) certified fly fishing guide, becoming India’s very first in 2011. He tirelessly works to inspire and guide others towards the joys of fly fishing and the profound benefits of connecting with nature through intentional outdoor experiences.

Co founder

Aikta Suri

Aikta’s profound passion for travel has led her to explore diverse corners of the world, from the Himalayas’ rugged beauty to the vibrant streets of Delhi. With 8 years spent on the fringes of India’s Jim Corbett Tiger reserve and beyond, her adventurous spirit knows no bounds. Beyond her globetrotting, Aikta is dedicated to creating transformative experiences for people of all ages. Her journey began with honing the art of service-learning at Loyola University and culminated in a Master’s degree in Contemplative Education from Naropa University. When it comes to travel, Aikta believes that a destination should feel like home, and this is only possible with the right team by your side – one that shares your love and knowledge of the place. 

Douglas santa teresa costa rica

Costa Rica Travel Tribe

Douglas Morales

As a nature guide, Douglas helps you uncover the hidden gems of Costa Rica and Panama. With deep ancestral roots in Costa Rica’s Nicoya peninsula, his family pioneered this rugged land over a century ago. Through Douglas’ expert guidance, immerse yourself in the region’s natural wonders on hikes and eco-tours.

Conan Mark Dumenil India's wildlife naturalist

India, Nepal & Bhutan Travel Tribe

Conan Dumenil

Conan is a seasoned naturalist and wilderness enthusiast with over two decades of experience in guiding, educating, and connecting people with the untamed world. Nestled in the Himalayan foothills, he embarked on a transformative journey at Corbett National Park, honing his skills and passion for wildlife.

His adventures span from illuminating curious travelers about nature’s intricacies to producing captivating nature documentaries. Conan’s fearless expeditions through India, Nepal, and Bhutan have made him a custodian of nature’s mysteries and a modern-day explorer. He also champions snake conservation and strives to mitigate the perils of snakebites, safeguarding both wildlife and human lives.

Sustainable Travel Shagun Singh India

India, Travel Tribe

Shagun Singh

Shagun embarked on her journey in New Delhi as a young girl, initially pursuing a conventional professional path while staying connected to her origins. In 1999, she founded India’s pioneering Geeli Mitti (wet earth) Foundation, dedicated to educating and motivating individuals on sustainable, natural living for lasting happiness.

India, Travel Tribe

Ramawtar Singh

Ram is a versatile Indian renaissance figure, passionately sharing his expertise as a naturalist and artist. He’s a wise authority on Ayurvedic plant uses. He practices self-healing methods like Jin Shin Do, Qi Gong, Reflexology, and Reiki. Ram also collects seeds, either for organic farming or crafting jewelry.

He empowers others to create their own self-care products from locally sourced materials, spanning tooth powders, soaps, antiseptic creams, and medicinal massage oils. He delights in disseminating local folklore, myths, songs, art, and sustainable living practices, especially organic farming, across rural and wild India. Ram’s knowledge extends to natural building and woodworking, making him a true treasure.

United States Travel Tribe

John Bilotta

John Bilotta, FFI’s seasoned Master Casting Instructor, guides globetrotters on unforgettable fishing journeys. Amidst stunning locales, he introduces enthusiasts to diverse fish species and hones their fly fishing skills. With a wealth of wisdom, John’s kindness enriches every expedition.

Kinley Dorji, a seasoned travel expert hailing from Bhutan, embodies a deep-rooted affinity for nature, culture, and thrilling adventures. Armed with years of experience, Kinley leads travelers on life-changing expeditions through Bhutan, revealing its abundant natural wonders, rich cultural tapestry, and heart-pounding activities such as fly fishing, trekking, and mountain biking. His commitment to unmatched hospitality and top-notch service guarantees an indelible and exceptional journey for every traveler.

Nepal Travel Tribe

Dr. Denis Shrestha

Dr. Denis, a devoted cardiologist and avid fly fisherman, stands as a beacon of inspiration within his community. His unwavering dedication extends beyond medicine, as he fervently promotes river stewardship. Denis’s advocacy efforts have been instrumental in shedding light on the critical conservation needs of Nepal’s Himalayan watersheds, fostering a sense of responsibility among locals for these invaluable natural resources.

Ian Christopher Mahseer fishing

India Travel Tribe

Adolf Ian Christopher

Adolf Ian Christopher, an Indian fly fishing guide from Sikkim, is a passionate advocate for exploring India’s diverse waters. With a specialization in the conservation of the endangered Golden Mahseer, he has dedicated his life to preserving this species while sharing his expertise with others. His unwavering commitment to both fishing and environmental stewardship defines his character.

From a young age, Daniel has immersed himself in the mystical world of Golden Mahseer fishing, following in his father’s footsteps. His passion for this majestic fish is a way of life. When you venture with Daniel, it’s not just fishing; it’s a journey into the heart of the Himalayas. His expeditions take you to remote, untouched fishing spots. Under his expert guidance, you’ll navigate wild waters, learning profound insights.

Daniel’s unwavering commitment ensures unforgettable angling experiences. His passion and expertise guarantee access to the finest fishing moments in Himalayan waters.

Anvesh SIngh Thapa

India Travel Tribe

Anvesh Singh Thapa

Anvesh Singh Thapa, a decorated white water rafting guide, has led expeditions across Asia, Africa, and Europe. He excels in whitewater rescue and holds certifications as a Whitewater Rescue Technician-Advance (Rescue 3 Int’l), Wilderness First Responder (WMI, 2017), and Senior National Raft Guide Grade IV/V (NZ). He is also an ACA Kayak Instructor Level 4 and NOLS instructor.

Shekhar Thapa is an outstanding Nepalese guide, known for his unwavering dedication in providing an extraordinary travel experience. With Shekhar, your journey through Nepal becomes a seamless blend of flexibility and exceptional service. His passion for showcasing Nepal’s vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes is unparalleled, offering unmatched hospitality that words cannot adequately describe. Explore Nepal with Shekhar for an unforgettable adventure.

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