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One of the most potent aspects of travel is the people you meet along the way. The perspectives they share opens your mind to the hidden wisdom of each place. 

Our Travel Tribe hosts serve to educate and inspire our guests to connect authentically to a destination. 

They also serve to challenge travelers to break past pre-conditioned notions about the world and themselves. Simply by being who they are and sharing their passion, our travel tribe guides provides deeper access into the soul of a destination. 

We have a beautiful & inspiring tribe of hosts and guides that include naturalists, artists, adventure experts, community leaders, and local wisdom keepers that reveal the heart of a destination. 

Meet your “guides on the other side” by signing up for local, domestic or international journeys. 

Co founder

Aikta Suri

Traveling has been one of her greatest passions and she’s been lucky enough to explore many parts of the United States, Mexico, Bahamas, Bermuda, France, Spain, Italy, Austria and Holland. From the shattered, rugged landscape of the Himalayas to the bustling streets of Delhi, 8 years on the edges of India’s Jim Corbett Tiger reserve and beyond.

Aikta is also passionate about facilitating transformative experiences for people of all ages. Starting with mastering the art of service-learning while working for Loyola University, to obtaining her Masters in Contemplative Education from Naropa University, Aikta’s work has always been purpose driven.

When it comes to travel, a destination needs to feel more like home. And that only happens when you have the right team behind you—one who knows and loves the place as much as you do. That’s why we’re here.

Co founder

Misty Dhillon

River journeys with Misty are like no other. They are memorable, wild and full of adventure! Misty has spent two decades being a tour operator for special interest journeys in the Himalayan foothills and is the pioneer of fly fishing for Golden Mahseer. He has become a world renowned expert in creating memorable river expeditions. Additionally, Misty is also a FFI certified fly fishing guide who was India’s first back in 2011.  He also works to encourage more people to engage in the benefits of fly fishing and intensionally stepping outdoors. 

Douglas santa teresa costa rica

Costa Rica Travel Tribe

Douglas Morales

As a nature guide, Douglas will help you explore the natural beauty of Costa Rica and Panama. He can show you places that others simply walk past but he understands the importance of taking time to appreciate their surroundings.

Douglas’ ancestors came to the Nicoya peninsula of Costa Rica around 105 years ago, from the town of Nicoya in Guanacaste province. They came to colonize and work off new land, at a time when there were little to no amenities such as electricity, drinking water, transportation, among others. Fishing and farming were the only means of providing for the family, this’s how they came to be established in Cabuya. Discover Costa Rica’s natural wonder through Douglas’ guided hikes and eco-tours.



Sustainable Travel Shagun Singh India

India, Travel Tribe

Shagun Singh

The journey for Shagun began as a young girl growing up in New Delhi. She followed the traditional path towards a successful professional career, but never forgot her roots. In 1999, she started India’s first Geeli Mitti (wet earth) Foundation and has since been educating and inspiring people about how we can all live sustainably, naturally and happily ever after.

Conan Mark Dumenil India's wildlife naturalist

India, Nepal & Bhutan Travel Tribe

Conan Dumenil

To hear him tell it, much of his travels have been driven by his love for wildlife. On the one hand he has been a voice for their cause, on the other he has documented their life and habitat, with a special focus in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

Conan has been exploring the world since he was a college student and has since led several trips to remote parts of India, Nepal and Bhutan with his team. He has also assisted television crews on nature documentaries for Discovery networks and the National Geographic channels and recorded bird calls through sound recordings.

United States Travel Tribe

John Bilotta

FFI’s Master Casting Instructor, John Bilotta is a seasoned world traveller and has been host to those looking for fishing adventures across the globe. John likes to take people to beautiful locations, to experience new fish while also sharpening their fly fishing technique. He is a truly kind soul with lots of wisdom to share!

Kinley Dorji is a travel visionary with an innate appreciation and respect for nature, culture and adventure. Experience Bhutan’s natural history, culture, fly fishing, trekking even mountain biking opportunities on an adventure to Bhutan with Kinley, while you truly enjoy world class hospitality and service.

Nepal Travel Tribe

Dr. Denis Shrestha

Dr. Denis is a cardiologist by profession, and a fly fisher at heart. He inspires his community to be more conscious about their relationships with their rivers, and has been instrumental in bringing awareness to the conservation of our Himalayan watersheds in Nepal. 

Ian Christopher Mahseer fishing

India Travel Tribe

Adolf Ian Christopher

Adolf Ian Christopher is an Indian fly fishing guide from Sikkim, who has spent a part of his life out on the waters in Sikkim and parts of India. He has gained experience on Golden Mahseer, in addition, he has also been involved in the conservation of Golden Mahseer, which is one of the most highly endangered fish species in the world.

Golden Mahseer Fishing is your best choice for a fishing adventure in the Himalayas that is fun, exciting and takes you to the best, most remote fishing spots. Daniel Abraham is an experienced provider of such services, who will ensure that you have the best possible experience when angling for Golden Mahseer. 

Anvesh SIngh Thapa

India Travel Tribe

Anvesh Singh Thapa

Anvesh Singh Thapa is an award-winning white water rafting guide who has led rafting expeditions throughout Asia, Africa and Europe. A skilled whitewater rescuer as well as a NOLS instructor, he is also a certified Whitewater Rescue Technician-Advance (Rescue 3 International), Wilderness First Responder (WMI, 2017), Skills Active Senior National Raft Guide Grade IV/V (NZ), and ACA Kayak Instructor Level 4.

Headed to Nepal? Or planning a trip there? Get the inside scoop of where to go and what to do in Nepal with Shekhar Thapa, a passionate guide who guides our guests himself, to make sure you have the flexibility for exploring Nepal’s rich culture and habitat that too keeping in mind a high level of service and hospitality you can’t put into words.

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