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Golden Mahseer Fishing Outfitter of Pancheshwar, Northern India

Young, enthusiastic and exuberant passion for the Golden Mahseer. Daniel Abraham, has grown up listening to stories from his father and uncles of India’s legendary Golden Mahseer. From an early age, he has also been following them to some of their favorite, secret, Golden Mahseer fishing spots that are located on the borders of Nepal and India. Even though Pancheshwar’s legendary fishing isn’t much of a secret anymore. It is where Daniel decided to leave his corporate carrier and share his passion for Golden Mahseer with anglers from the world over. 

We asked him a few questions about his river fishing adventures on the India, Nepal border and here’s what he had to say. 

The confluence of the Saryu and Mahakali rivers has been a spot where my father and my uncles have been bringing me since I was a child. Therefore it has been part of my fondest childhood memories watching my father catching but also loosing, monster Golden Mahseer from this fish migratory corridor; has shaped my vision of being resilient in spite of the challenges this remote Himalayan fishery presents and following my passion. 

Pancheshwar is home to some of the largest Golden Mahseer in the world. Though hooking and being able to land a Golden Mahseer are two different things. From the time of the year the time of the day or night. You never know when the Golden Mahseer are going to take use the current to their advantage. 

Golden Mahseer are highly mobile fish, hence we’ve had to push our boundaries with mobile, fly camps, offering access to the remote beats that requires standards and logistics of safety as well as hygiene taken to the next level. As all meals are freshly prepared our camp teams have to move in much and advance to be able to accomplish the higher level of standards, as we bring in fresh supplies and process them into cuisine for the international pallet. Be it gluten-free or vegetarian, our camp team will go into details to discuss menus in advance so that you feel well taken care of during your river fishing adventure.

Apart from better conservation for Golden Mahseer and protected habitat both inside as well as outside protected areas, I hope to be able to work with village communities to be able to manifest some of the best Golden Mahseer fishing possibilities for the world within India. 

Having tried my hand at fly fishing. I am excited to learn and apply fly fishing to these prolific Golden Mahseer waters.

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"Learn what has taken me 20 years, in just a few minutes. Save money and increase your chances of catching a beautiful Golden Mahseer."
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Golden Mahseer
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  • 10 MUST Have Lures
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  • Fish Smart. Not Hard.
  • How to Prep a lure
  • Recommended Lines
  • Terminal Tackle
  • Rods & Reels
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  • River Safety & Wading
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Golden Mahseer
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  • 10 MUST Have Flies
  • Fly Hooks for Mahseer
  • Fish Smart. Not Hard.
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  • Rods & Reels
  • Daily Schedule
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