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What are the best lures for Golden Mahseer fishing?

And why?

In order to be successful on the water during Golden Mahseer fishing, it is important to take time to understand the habitat of the Golden Mahseer. 

Important to realize that Golden Mahseer are a fish of the rapids. As they are specially comfortable holding and even swimming in heavy waters. Hence it is important to get your lures to hold down a swimming a depth of 5-20 feet in the strike zone, depending on the conditions.  

Additionally, Golden Mahseer can be a quite picky about lures especially during the daytime. Thus it is important to use heavier lures that don’t get pushed out of the strike-zone due to heavy current. 

Here are three considerations to keep in mind while selecting a lure for Golden Mahseer fishing.  

Swimming Action

Action and timing are two critical elements of lure fishing for Golden Mahseer. In fact, Golden Mahseer prefer a live bait versus over a dead one. Hence, the action of your lure can be a make or break.  

Huge Mahseer swimming Bhutan

Swimming Depth

It’s always important to consider the swimming depth of your Golden Mahseer fishing lure. Often paying fine attention to this factor can bring you to the fish of your dreams!. I recommend going with deeper rather than shallower, even if you loose a few lures while fishing.  I find at this depth the Golden Mahseer are much more likely to show interest due to their carp like nature (though don’t be fooled they fight nothing like a a carp, especially in a turbid Himalayan river). 


Keep those hooks sharp!

Even though, it might not sounds like a big deal, having a file on hand to sharpen those hooks ever so often can be the difference between the one that was landed and the one that got away. Notably, Golden Mahseer are the fish of a 1001 cast. Hence, it is even more important to consider those fine details that one would otherwise overlook, as the Himalayan river beds can be especially nasty to the sharpest of hooks. 

"So plan accordingly and remember, be sure to gear up well because these fish don't back off easy when they head downriver. Hooks, lines, connections, knots, and even rods and reels have to all come together and hold up or else all your efforts can the reeled away in a matter of seconds. "
Misty Dhillon



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