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3-Best Months for Mahseer fly fishing in the Himalayas.

And why?

Mahseer fly fishing in the Himalayas especially for Golden Mahseer became a thing only recently. Reason? Recent tackle innovations. Better flies. More access to the good waters, skilled anglers, and evolving techniques for fishing good water well. Though timing can be critical, thus here are the three best months for Mahseer fly fishing in the Himalayas. These are as follows. 

Golden Mahseer in Ramganga River


Catch the tail end of the spring and starting of the summer to experience some of the best windows for Golden Mahseer fly fishing, but only in unpressured waters that are becoming increasingly hard to find.

Golden Mahseer Fishing Seasons


You’ll find Golden Mahseer letting their guard down a bit more as temperatures soar and Himalayan snowmelt finds junctions teaming with fish that even migrate short distances around these junctions to hunt for food. While preparing themselves to head upriver to spawn as the monsoons set in. Pretty amazing!

Bhutan Golden Mahseer River


Catch the short but productive window of some of the most powerful freshwater fish on the planet, seasoned by the monsoon and pushy highwater. This certainly isn’t a window for the faint-hearted fly rodder. Apart of being unpredictable, this window also requires good, consistent casting using heavy sink tips and heavy flies, for the most part.

"Keep this in mind as you prepare. It's important to equip yourself adequately, as these fish are determined when swimming downstream. Everything from hooks, lines, connections, knots, and even your rods and reels must work in harmony to withstand the challenge; otherwise, all your hard work could unravel in mere seconds."
Misty Dhillon



All you need to know about catching the fish of your dreams! 


Golden Mahseer
$ 39.95
  • 10 MUST Have Lures
  • Lure Applications
  • Replacement Hooks
  • Fish Smart. Not Hard.
  • How to Prep a lure
  • Recommended Lines
  • Terminal Tackle
  • Rods & Reels
  • Daily Schedule
  • Bonus Tips


  • River Safety & Wading
  • River Reading
  • Gear Check List
  • The Mahseer Knot
  • Trip Planning
  • Dos & Don'ts


Golden Mahseer
$ 59.95
  • 10 MUST Have Flies
  • Fly Hooks for Mahseer
  • Fish Smart. Not Hard.
  • 5 Key Fly Lines
  • 3 Best Spey Lines
  • Fly Line Extensions
  • Making your Leader
  • Rods & Reels
  • Daily Schedule
  • Bonus Tips

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