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Golden Mahseer Fishing Season

Even though there are two distinctly different seasons for Golden Mahseer fishing. They are dominated by the south-west Monsoon, a yearly phenomena. Hence, picking the right season can be tricky. Here’s why? 

While most Himalayan rivers typically fish well only for about 2-3 weeks each season, before fish get pressured, move away or behave indifferently. 

Much like most Cypriniformes, Golden Mahseer are illusive, mobile but also aware of not just what is in the water but also outside. Given their highly evolved lateral lines, weberian apparatus that plays and even more significant role in long range sound localization. 

Hence devotees of notoriously finicky fish such as Carp, Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead, Permit as well as Tarpon will get the right set of expectations that are required for Golden Mahseer fishing, be it in Nepal, Bhutan or India. 

Want to guess what those season’s are? 

  1. Pre Monsoon: As early as February and as late as mid June depending on the onset and pace of the monsoons and where you will be fishing. 
  2. Post Monsoon: As early as August and as late as November depending on the offset and pace of the monsoons as well as the rivers you will be fishing. 


What is your “call to adventure”?

Why do you want to take this journey and what is most important to you? Is it just a picture with a “big fish” or is it more than that? 

And if your pilgrimage is just about that “big fish”. It requires anglers to learn about the habitat of the Golden Mahseer even before you get to the river to make your journey not just potent, but also productive. 

What form of Golden Mahseer fishing are you most drawn to and why? And are you willing to push your personal fishing boundaries?

Are you a confident fly caster

Is this your first time fishing for Golden Mahseer ? 


It is important to consider personal fitness. Expect to be fishing in high temperatures. Walking or paddling good distances. Accessing some of the best waters is not as easy, as it may seem. 

Travel partners and diversifying your itinerary to fit other priorities such as wildlife, cultural explorations can also play a role in picking a season. 

Seasonal Recommendations

By Region

  • Western, central or eastern Bhutan: From March 15 through early June and October. 
  • Western Nepal: From March 15 through early June. End September early-mid October. 
  • Northern India: March through early June. End September and early-mid October. 
  • North Eastern India: February, March, August, September and October. 

Feeling called to an adventure can be overwhelming.

Live it up and manifest your dream. Consider a trip to Bhutan, Nepal or India while being guided by the best guides in the business. 

Check out our 2023-24 calendar of Golden Mahseer fishing in Bhutan, Nepal but also India. 

Blog - Best River for Mahseer Fishing

Dive Deeper and learn more.

Someone recently asked, what my top 3 rivers are, and why? 

A great question that inspired me to write and share some of my personal experiences while fly fishing for Mahseer. 

Mahseer fly fishing Saryu India


Golden Mahseer

The iconic Golden Mahseer is one of the hardest fighting freshwater fish as it has evolved with the youngest mountain ranges of the world, the Himalayas. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Things you need to know before planning your adventure to the Himalayas for Golden Mahseer fishing. 

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