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Golden Mahseer fishing in Pancheshwar

Enjoy Golden Mahseer fishing on the India Nepal border.

How to Create Your Own Guided Fishing on North India's Best Golden Mahseer Waters.

Are you looking for a great way to experience the Golden Mahseer? Just drive all the way to the border of India and Nepal, where you will be guided by passionate English speaking camp owners/guides who will put you on the best waters, at the right times and have you back in their comfortable deluxe camp relaxing and reflecting for your next Golden Mahseer fishing session.

The best time to be a Golden Mahseer angler is from March through mid-June, then again from October through November. Keep in mind that prime window for these illusive but powerful fish is May and October. Which can also be a hot time of the year with day time temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Come on out and have a go with a fly rod or lures on world famous Golden Mahseer waters, while we work hard to keep you safe in on our waters.


Starting at just $235 per angler, per night (*3 Night Minimum) with three meals a day and deluxe tented accommodation, guided fishing and the works, glamping with a view of the confluence of the Saryu and Mahakali rivers. 

Just $99 per person deposit required at time of reservation but a minimum of 3 night stay is required. 

New Delhi (DEL) which gets direct flight from the US.

Traveling to India is a dream for many Americans. With direct flights from the US, it’s easier than ever to visit the country and experience the culture, history, and beauty that it has to offer.

The Transformative Travel team offers easy travel for those who want to explore India’s rich culture and history by taking advantage of direct flights from your home country. We offer a variety of options for travelers of all budgets who are looking to explore this amazing country.

Delhi is the capital and largest city of India, which means it’s a prime target for air travel. United Airlines flies to Delhi from Newark and Los Angeles, while Air France operates flights from Paris to Delhi, while Lufthansa offers connections from Frankfurt and Munich via Istanbul. There are many flight options from the US to India. 

India is a proud nation, and we want you to be proud of your experience here.

All U.S. citizens need a valid passport and valid Indian visa to enter and exit India for any purpose. Please ensure you have the correct type of visa for your planned activity in India. If you have the incorrect visa you may be refused entry. Additionally, E-Visas have also been made available by the Government of India for citizens of select countries, including the United States of America.


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Single Supplement

Per Night
$ 99
95 Per Person
  • Single Deluxe Tent
  • Guided Fishing & Permit
  • 3 Meals a Day

High Season

Per Night
$ 275
Per Angler
  • Double Occupancy
  • Guided fishing & Permit.
  • 3 Melas a Day

Green Season

Per Night
$ 235
Per Person
  • Double Occupancy
  • Guided fishing & Permit.
  • 3 Melas a Day.

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We believe that your money should go as far as possible. That’s why Transformative Travel gives you more than just the destination. We provide a journey, and experience along the way. We are travel designers  dedicated to helping you manifest your calling. 

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More Mahseer Fishing Trip Options

Also, check-out some other options, especially Golden Mahseer fishing in Bhutan. 

Golden Mahseer

Golden Mahseer is the iconic carp/barbell that is native to the Himalayas. Furthermore, they are a bioindicator species, and just like the Bengal Tiger, they are also facing extinction due to habitat loss as a result of dams, river diversions, canals, and few fish ladders. Anglers around the globe are worried about the future of Golden Mahseer, but local participation and community initiatives, such as catch and release angling are bringing awareness among locals thanks to the internet and social media. We are hopeful that initiatives of organizations such as the Mahseer Trust, local forest departments, dedicated but overworked fisheries officers, local guides, and local, owner-run small business lodges, camps will continue to do the amazing work they were before the pandemic to ensure a further for these iconic fish. 


Someone recently asked, what my top 3 Himalayan Mahseer fly fishing rivers are, and why? 

A great question that inspired me to write and share some of my personal experiences while fly fishing for Mahseer. 

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Things to consider before planning your fishing trip. 

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  • International airfare. 
  • Single supplement. 
  • International airfare, meals, transfers, sightseeing or extensions that are not listed in the itinerary. 
  • Medical (field rescue), security and/or cancellation insurance. 
  • Any items of personal nature such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tips (ask for guidelines), laundry, telephone calls etc. 
  • Expenses incurred due to flight delays, road-blocks and any circumstances beyond our control. 
  • Any large tax hikes and new levies shall be payable extra and shall be billed accordingly with prior notice.

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