Golden Mahseer Fishing in Pancheshwar

The Mahakali river hosts some of Nepal and Northern India's best Golden Mahseer fishing.

Early October, the later part of May and even the early part of June offer the best window for Golden Mahseer fishing here. Though becoming India’s top fishing-spot also makes it a busy piece of water to be on. 

Releasing a fish of your dreams


The confluence of the Saryu and Mahakali river that separates India from Nepal.  

One of the strong-holds of the Golden Mahseer is on the borders of Nepal and India. For years Pancheshwar has offered the perfect habitat for the migration of these legendary fish. But also an angling destination that made it on the angling map. Not necessarily the best thing, as it can get a bit crowded. 

Just like most other Golden Mahseer waters, Pancheswhar too has a short window of opportunity that is tied in with the upward and downward migration of these fish. 

The upward migration get’s more active as the summer intensifies and the snow-melt starts towards the end of May, early June. A hot time of the year. Wherein day time temperatures can soar well over a 100 degrees. 

The downward migration is at it’s best in the end of September, early October as the fish start coming down the Saryu river.           

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