Separating the borders of Nepal and India;the Mahakali river hosts some of northern India's best Golden Mahseer fishing.

A pilgrimage most India and Nepalese anglers must make to pay homage one of their favourite game-fish, the Golden Mahseer. Though is this a journey for ever angler? Probably not.

Fishing for Golden Mahseer can take nerves of steel. Openness, attentiveness and responsiveness are the essence of this fishing pilgrimage.  

Mahseer Fishing India & Nepal

The Mahakali/Sharda River demarcates Nepal’s western border with India before entering the prolific  Terai plains and eventually ending up in the Ganges River. 

The preparation for such an angling adventure is probably as fulfilling as the surprises that loom in the world of fishing for the illusive Golden Mahseer. But also in remote frontiers like Pancheshwar, the international border of India and Nepal for a significant distance. 

Though probably the most challenging is answering the call for such an adventure. Throwing out a challenge to your day-to-day life answering the call of the angler within.

A journey worth it’s while given you visit at the right time of the year. When the Golden Mahseer are either getting ready for spawning or returning from the mighty post monsoon migration.

The best times for fishing in Pancheshwar for both the Golden as well as the red-fin Mahseer is either in May or early June or in the very end of September and early October.

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