Golden Mahseer Fishing in Pancheshwar

The Mahakali river hosts some of Nepal and Northern India's best Golden Mahseer fishing.

Meanwhile, October, May and even the early part of June are about the best window for a Golden Mahseer fishing trip to Pancheshwar. Though becoming India’s top fishing-spot can also makes it a busy piece of water. 


The confluence of the Saryu and Mahakali river that separates India from Nepal.  

While the Saryu is ones of the best tributaries for Golden Mahseer fishing in Kumaon. It is also an easy river to fish. Consequently, making it quite the place for Golden Mahseer fishing. Provided your make it during the right time of the year as Golden Mahseer fishing can be challenging. Nonetheless, you do stand the chances of a fish of a lifetime in these waters.

Subsequently, the closure period for these waters is from mid-June though the middle of September. Moreover, this section of the river offers about two- miles of good fishing water. However, it can get pretty crowded. There are also no bait restrictions or a limit to the number of rods. While thankfully all of the fishing is catch-and-release.

While Golden Mahseer fishing in Pancheshwar there are a couple of things to keep in mind. As Golden Mahseer are at home in heavy-water. Hence, it can take some-practice and perseverance to find the sweet-spot of your swing.

  1. It is good practice to approach Golden Mahseer waters cautiously.
  2. Wade only when necessary.
  3. Rest the water ever so often.
  4. And cast 70-feet when required, using a heavy fly!        


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