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Growing up in India, I never thought that fly fishing would become such an integral part of my life. 

For most of my childhood, the concept of fly fishing was alien to me, until a chance encounter with a television program left a mark on my young heart. 

Little did I know that this fascination would lead me on a remarkable journeys throughout the Himalayas, which I embarked on at the young age of 15. 

My goal? To catch a Golden Mahseer on a fly! Despite having no access or exposure to the world of fly fishing, I was determined to make it happen, and even resorted to making my own equipment back in the mid 90s.

Now, three decades later, as I reflect on my journey, I’ve come to see fly fishing not merely as a sport, but as a practice for a more meaningful outer adventure. 

I call it the “Pause”, a practice that brings attention to five key elements that make every pursuit enriching. Perseverance, awareness, unwinding, self reflection that leads to enrichment.

Fly-Fishing and the Brain

Harvard Medical School's Herbert Benson, MD '61, eloquently unveils the stress-alleviating prowess of fly-fishing. Amidst pristine nature, skilled anglers gracefully cast their lines, seeking solace from our frenetic world. Their rhythmic motions interrupt the relentless stream of daily concerns, bestowing serene tranquility.

Misty is a sought-after fly fishing expedition leader, with 20+ years of experience in organizing intricate journeys to remote areas. His passion for the outdoors, logistical prowess, and commitment to transformative travel make him a true professional in the field. Misty, is also an FFI certified casting instructor. 

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Pre Retreat Intentions

Reflection on retreat aspirations is key to the impact it leaves. 

Elevate your team’s potential with our dynamic pre-retreat intentions. Harness the power of tailored activities for unparalleled team building results.

Guided Assistance

Unlock potential through “The Pause.” Embrace transformative travel in the DMV area. 

Elevate well-being, engagement, and success with our “The Pause Day Retreat Experience.”

Retreat Reflections

Unlock the Power of ‘The Pause’: Elevate Leadership, Growth, and Wellness. 

Transformative 4-part process redefines success through our post retreat reflections for breaking pre conceived notions.