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Golden Mahseer fly fishing trip in Bhutan's Himalayan foothills.

Experience nature’s raw beauty and Himalayas on our Golden Mahseer fly fishing trip in Bhutan.

If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime experience, Golden Mahseer is the royal fish of Bhutan; conserved as a testament to Bhutan’s commitment to conservation and it’s river. 

We’re inspired by Bhutan’s sparsely populated valleys and philosophy embodied by an inspiring culture. Especially fly anglers, seeking unique perspectives by witnessing ancient practices and breathtaking landscape that is well preserved.

Gear up for a 10-day golden Mahseer fly fishing expedition in Bhutan with world-renowned pioneer and professional fly-fishing guide, Misty Dhillon.

We’ve got a deal for you! If you’re looking for a hosted journey that’s affordable, convenient and comfortable. Starting at just $9,800 per angler, this journey includes all meals, accommodations and guided fly fishing and listed activities. You can upgrade to single supplement for just $1.950 per person, giving you the privacy that you need. Most meals are also included from the time to arrive until your departure.

Do you need to leave in 6 months, but can’t pay a lump sum? Don’t hesitate to check with us about payment plan options, especially if your departure is more than 6 months out.

U.S. visitors, you will need a visa to enter Bhutan. We will help you with that as there’s no visa-on-arrival option. The Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) is paid by all visitors and it supports Bhutan’s development.

The most common route to travel to Bhutan by air from USA is, from New York( JFK International Airport) to New Delhi India, or to Bangkok, Thailand and Singapore. If you want to fly to Bhutan, there are only two airlines that service the country: Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines. These are the only airlines that offer flights from Bangkok, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangkok and Singapore into Paro (PBH), Bhutan. 

The best time to visit Bhutan is during the spring months of March to May when the valleys come alive with flowers in bloom. Be it in its festivals or festivities, clear skies and glimpses to the Himalayan peaks, flourishing Himalayan flora and fauna, or simply beautiful snowfall.

Golden Mahseer Bhutan's Royal fish

9 Nights, 10 Days

Itinerary - Day by Day

From the moment you step off the plane in Paro, you are met by your hosts before being chauffeured to the Punakha valley (4 hrs), over the 10,000 ft. Dochula Pass.

We begin the day with a scenic drive to the river and fly fishing. Our guides will help you choose between what flies to use and where. Relax and unwind in our luxury camp, nestled close to the river to compliment your fly fishing experience.

Experience the best of Golden Mahseer fishing in Bhutan while staying in luxury camps you will be driven between some of the best beat for Golden Mahseer fishing out there.

To end your journey, and to travel back to Paro which is a 5 hour drive. Enjoy a luxurious breakfast with your generous hosts before you begin saying your goodbyes. The night is spent in Paro, where you will be able to unwind before you long flight home. You make the most of it and end the day with a with a good glass of wine. 

Your complimentary breakfast and shuttle back to the airport accompanied by your attentive guide will be by 11 am. Fly out of Paro in the morning and connect to Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa with just one stop in Bangkok, Singapore, New Delhi or Kathmandu.


Choose your plan

Confirm your spot. Book your flight. Get your insurance. Complete Visa paperwork and be on your way to two amazing countries. 

Single Supplement

Up Grade
$ 1,950
Per Person
  • Nepal Bhutan return airfare.
  • Domestic Flights.
  • Guided Activities
  • Most Meals

10 Days

$ 9,800
Per Angler
  • Nepal Bhutan return airfare.
  • Domestic flights
  • Guided activities.
  • Most Meals


Non Anglers
$ 7,950
Per Person
  • Nepal Bhutan return airfare.
  • Domestic flights.
  • Guided activities.
  • Most meals.

Your host

Misty Dhillon

If you’re looking to get your fly-fishing skills to the next level, then look no further than Misty Dhillon.

With over 20 years of experience in Golden Mahseer fly fishing and a dedication to helping anglers reach their true potential, Misty has no problem telling you exactly what you need to know about this mythical and illusive fish that can grow over 60 lbs.

Misty is the foremost expert of Golden Mahseer fly fishing and is also a FFI certified casting instructor.

Whether you're just starting out or have been traveling for years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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As travel designers, we know that the inner aspects of travel are just as important to our guests as the outer ones. This is why we follow a 4-part process. 

Step 1: Let’s connect. Let’s clarify the purpose and desires for your journey. What is your “call to adventure”?

Step 2: Let’s create: Your itinerary is the first piece of your journey that is created keeping in mind your calling, desires, preferences and budget. 

Step 3: Let’s create: We’ll create an immersive itinerary that brings attention to new perspectives you never knew existed. 

Step 4: Let’s celebrate: We believe that travel is about more than just getting from point A to B. 

It’s about unearthing new perspectives and learning from other cultures.

That’s why we’re here to honor your inspirations. So you can enrich your perspectives as you explore the world around you.


Yes, US citizens do need visa for Nepal in order to enter. And yes, you can I get a Nepal visa at the airport. However, it is important to know that if you have already entered the country and landed at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) (KTM) in Kathmandu, you will need to apply for a visa in advance. 

*A visa is one of the requirements for entry into the country. 

Tribhuvan International Airport is the only international airport of Nepal. Immigration Office, TIA (Tribhuvan International Airport) under Department of Immigration has been facilitating tourists flying to Nepal by providing Visa on Arrival.

Yes, all US citizens must have a visa to travel to Bhutan. This is required before you can purchase a plane ticket to this destination – but it can only be obtained through a licensed tour operator and a pre-booked tour. 

The first step to going to Bhutan is to get your passport validated. Your passport must be valid for at least six months following the date of your arrival to Bhutan. You need a Bhutanese visa to enter and exit Bhutan. All visitors, including those on official U.S. government business, must obtain visa clearance from Thimphu before traveling to Bhutan.

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Shorter Fishing Itinerary

8 days fishing in Bhutan

Fly fish in the Himalayas of Bhutan accessing easy to get to waters (8 day itinerary) to pack in as much time on the water as possible. 

Blog - Misty Dhillon

Best Rivers for Mahseer Fly Fishing

Someone recently asked, what my top 3 Himalayan Mahseer fly fishing rivers are, and why? A great question that inspired me to write and share some of my personal experiences while fly fishing for Mahseer.

More Options

Golden Mahseer Fly Fishing

Check-out our fixed date as well as custom travel options for fishing for Golden Mahseer. 

An Iconic Fish

Golden Mahseer

Golden Mahseer are the iconic bio-indicator fish that enrich watersheds that drain the Himalayan foothills. Golden Mahseer can grow well over 50lbs and are among some of the strongest fish that swim in fresh water. 

Best Time

Mahseer Fishing Season

April, May, even early June, September and October are some of the best times for Mahseer fishing. However, this window can vary from one river to the other. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about our Mahseer fishing trips. 

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