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Golden Mahseer fly fishing trip in Bhutan's Himalayan foothills.

Golden Mahseer Fly Fishing in Bhutan isn’t for the faint of heart. Neither is journeying to far flung rivers in the Himalayan foothills to connect to a fish of your dreams, especially Golden Mahseer. 

Though Bhutan’s sparsely populated valleys and philosophy embodied by an inspiring culture is alluring to the attentive traveler. Especially fly anglers, seeking unique perspectives by witnessing ancient practices and breathtaking landscape that is well preserved.

Additionally, this 10-day Golden Mahseer fly fishing expedition that is guided by pioneering fly fishing expert, Misty Dhillon.


  • Duration: 9 nights, 10 days
  • Optional Activities: Hiking, Rafting, Overnight stay village home-stays can also be arranged.
  • Travel Insurance: Recommended
  • Visa: Required (arranged by Transformative Travel LLC.)

9 Nights, 10 Days

Itinerary - Day by Day

Day 1 – Upon flying into Bhutan’s international terminal, Paro, you are met by your hosts before being chauffeured to the Punakha valley (4 hrs), over the 10,000 ft. Dochula Pass. Settle in to your luxurious room after a long day’s journey and end the evening with a visit to the historic Punakha Dzong (Monastery) located on the banks fo the Puna Tsang Chhu (river). 

Day 2: Journey to the river after breakfast ( 3 1/2 hrs drive) to begin your self-contained, float-trip adventure for Golden Mahseer fishing Bhutan’s Himalayan backcountry with your host Misty Dhillon.  

Days 3-8: Enjoy fly fishing for Golden Mahseer in remote un-pressured waters on the Puna Tsang Chhu. 

Camps are established that compliment the fishing along some of our favourite locations in this valley. Our journeys are evolving As hydropower plants play a significant role , un pressured and in a remote setting  and feel pampered by a team a seasoned camp team and efficient service in Bhutan’s Himalayan backcountry. 

Day 9: End your float trip and journey back to Paro that can take up to 5 hours. 

Day 10: You will be chauffeured to the airport after breakfast. 

Bhutan Dochhu La Pass Trip

Golden Mahseer Fly Fishing in Bhutan

Travelers can expect to land and within the dramatic, Himalayan setting of Paro International Airport (PBH), Bhutan. Then drive over a 10,000 ft Himalayan mountain pass to end their first day with an auspicious visit to the Punakha Dzong located in Bhutan’s picturesque Punakha valley.

Package Inclusions

  • Arrival meet & greet at Paro International Airport (PBH). 
  • Escorted transfers, all meals in Bhutan & accommodation as listed. 
  • No hassles with all logistics planned, special activities including guided fly fishing, reservations, and excursions as listed in your itinerary. 
  • Applicable taxes & credit card processing fee are included. 

More Inclusions ​

  • Detailed packing checklist. 
  • Maps of destination. 
  • Quick access Google shared folder for your convenience, anywhere, anytime. 
  • Guidance on travel policies, do’s and don’ts. 
  • A consciously-designed itinerary intentionally made to manifest your greatest desires for your journey.
  • Our Process that includes:
    • Pre journey interview (1-hr). 
    • During journey practices & support. 
    • Post journey reflection (1-hr). 
  • Complimentary Travel with H.E.A.R.T. gift packages before departure (includes over $50 worth of travel goodies and printed essentials for your journey!)
Misty Dhillon fly fishing Himalayas

Your host

Misty Dhillon

Misty Dhillon has spend over 20 years fly fishing for Golden Mahseer in the Himalayan foothills. His experience in the field also from running an expedition company in the Himalayan foothills for 15 years; spending weeks camped on rivers have the insights and connections into the mystical world of Golden Mahseer. 

Why this journey?

  • Easy to get to Golden Mahseer fishing possibilities, just 4-hours from Bhutan’s International terminal. 
  • Experience Bhutan’s iconic Golden Mahseer fishery using single-barbless hooks and catch and release fly fishing for a fish of your dreams. 
  • Journey with Golden Mahseer fly fishing expert Misty Dhillon.
  • Learn how to tie record setting Golden Mahseer flies on the water with Misty. 
  • Make your journey to Bhutan more potent by keeping in mind you priorities before, during and even after your journey during our 1-hr post trip reflection. 


Please note that all booking are subject to availably during the time of deposit. 

May 2022

9 Nights 10 Days Starting At
$ 9,800
Per angler
  • Double Occupancy
  • Our Signature Process
  • Payment Plan Available

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Shorter Fishing Itinerary

8 days fishing in Bhutan

Fly fish in the Himalayas of Bhutan accessing easy to get to waters (8 day itinerary) to pack in as much time on the water as possible. 

Blog - Misty Dhillon

Best Rivers for Mahseer Fly Fishing

Someone recently asked, what my top 3 Himalayan Mahseer fly fishing rivers are, and why? A great question that inspired me to write and share some of my personal experiences while fly fishing for Mahseer.

More Options

Golden Mahseer Fly Fishing

Check-out our fixed date as well as custom travel options for fishing for Golden Mahseer. 

An Iconic Fish

Golden Mahseer

Golden Mahseer are the iconic bio-indicator fish that enrich watersheds that drain the Himalayan foothills. Golden Mahseer can grow well over 50lbs and are among some of the strongest fish that swim in fresh water. 

Best Time

Mahseer Fishing Season

April, May, even early June, September and October are some of the best times for Mahseer fishing. However, this window can vary from one river to the other. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about our Mahseer fishing trips. 

Schedule your complimentary consultation (virtual) with our in-house expert, Misty Dhillon

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