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Meet our co-founder, Misty Dhillon.

Getting obsessed by Golden Mahseer at the age of just 15. Misty spent his 20’s and 30’s exploring rivers in the Himalayan foothills for their fly fishing potential and pioneering leading fine-detail specie oriented expeditions in search of the Golden Mahseer. His journey had him living outside India’s oldest Jim Corbett tiger reserve, fly fishing in and around critical tiger habitat and running river expeditions on the borders of India and Nepal. 

India's first FFI certified casting instructor back in 2011.

At the age of 33 Misty Dhillon became India’s first FFI certified casting instructor, trained local guided with the likes of fly fishing, outdoor hospitality and fine detail logistics in running camps while also pioneering a number of Golden Mahseer flies that have proven their success over the years. 

Misty’s not just a pioneering guide but also an excellent host, be it in an inclusive lodge operation or float trip floating through critical tiger habitat, expedition camping and likes of it. He specializes in putting together the best teams, tirelessly working with guests before their adventure to make sure they are ready. 

Mahseer fly fishing Misty Dhillon

Offering a high level of service on an expedition comes with years of experience and Misty’s done it for over 20 years which also set the foundations of Transformative Travel. 

Honoring the unknown comes with the package as does your outer adventure. Especially, when you are inventing yourself in following your dream, why not go all the way. 

Misty’s fly fishing adventures feature extensive pre journey rituals from fly tying, to rigging your gear. But also approaching every journey from the lens of H.E.A.R.T. that shapes the potency of Misty-led journeys here at Transformative Travel. Even after you are back, Misty’s here to work with you on the potency of the experiences you gained from fly fishing for the worlds most illusive freshwater fish. 


From the Himalayas for Howard County

After spending 15 years organizing fine detail expeditions in the Himalayas, and living in outside India’s oldest critical tiger habitat preserve, the Jim Corbett Park. Misty and Aikta moved to Howard County to start Transformative Travel offering meaningful and intensional journeys around the globe. With over 20 years of connections in the travel industry and a passion for hospitality and mindful travel isn’t just the only things Misty Dhillon has got going on. 

His love for fly fishing is infectious. You’re looking at a man who pursued fly fishing for Golden Mahseer when everyone said it wasn’t possible. That too living in India for most of his life, Misty’s come a long was way to offering world-class fly fishing instructions here in Maryland waters and bring to awareness the potency of stepping outdoors by honoring yourself every time you step out, locally, nationally or internationally. 


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