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At TT we use fly fishing as a vehicle for personal as well as collective transformation by supporting YOU, so you can travel locally, nationally or internationally and cast to the fish of your dreams with the right lens and support. 

Find an instant remedy to stress, disconnection and loneliness. Create fresh bonds all over the world with our potent 4-part process that uses pre, during, and post-trip reflections to bring attention to not just your outer journey but also your inner adventure and treat yourself to the wellness YOU DESERVE. 

Bring meaning to your travels by using the lens of H.E.A.R.T and up level the collective through regenerative, conservation oriented tools such as catch and release, single barbless hook angling tourism but also honoring ancient cultures and wisdom that are fast diapering in our modern world.

Airport San Jose (SJO)

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country that needs no introduction and offers almost everything that you would expect from a transformational travel adventure. It offers the Pacific on one side of the Caribbean and the other, with the continental divide going right through the middle of the country there’s specie rich rainforest, beaches, hiking, hot springs, as well as ideally set accommodation to complement your adventure.

$ 6,450 From / Per Person
  • Double Occupancy

Airport Paro (PBH)


Journey to one of the most environmentally conscious countries on our planet. Bhutan is a nation that has promised the rest of the world significant forest cover offers ancient living cultures and traditions, wildlife tracking, trekking,  white water rafting, fly fishing as well as panoramic views of some of the highest Himalayas in the world.
$ 9,800 From / Per Person
  • Double Occupancy

Airport Velana International Airport (MLE)


Custom Tailored

Explore pristine atolls, world-class snorkeling, surfing, diving, and fly fishing at one of our favorite private island resorts. Enjoy world class emanates, water villas with private dipping pools to take your Maldives experience to truly pamper yourself and loved ones! 
$ 9,950 From / Per Person
  • Double Occupancy

Airport New Delhi (DEL)


India’s a country of exceptional beauty, who’s people, whatever the circumstances will welcome visitors with open arms. A nation where culture and language changes every 15 miles. Region, culture and diverse crafts women and men, still create some of the world’s most sort after pieces of art and gemstone inlay work. 

$ 995 From / Per Person
  • Double Occupancy

Nepal is hosts to the world tallest Himalayan mountain range that runs across its borders with China to its north and India to its South. It is home to some of the worlds best trekking but also wildlife as well s cultures. Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city has been home to a melting pot of cultures such as Buddhism as well as Hinduism. 

$ 7,500 From / Per Person
  • Double Occupancy

Airport Belize City (BZE)


Check out this intimate, owner run and operated lodge on the Caribbean. This is a perfect place to wet your lines with your partner and enjoy the gifts of the Caribbean life. 

$ 5,500 From / Per Angler
  • Double Occupancy

Explore Argentina’s Iberá reserve, protecting these vast wetlands that are located in northeast Argentina. Your hosts guide you on a fly fishing adventure in search of the Golden Dorado as well as bring your awareness to the habit and diverse bird species found with this protected reserve. 

$ 6,750 From / Per Person
  • Double Occupancy

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Step out intensionally with our Transformative Travel 4 part process, which includes, virtual pre-trip briefings, interview with Misty Dhillon to discuss everything from tackle and packing checklist to techniques to polish up on before your adventure begins. 

Experience the power of our pre, during, and post journey reflections, providing opportunities for you to process and explore the most potent aspects of your journey, even if fishing conditions are challenging.  

* Please Note: Golden Mahseer pursuits are not for the faint of heart. Devotees of notoriously finicky fish such as Carp, Steelhead, Permit, Milkfish, and Tarpon will bring the right set of expectations, especially to a Golden Mahseer fly fishing trip. If this calls to you, you are in the right place! 

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