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"When you loose sight of your path, listen for the destination in your heart." - Allen Walker

local h.e.a.r.t. journeys

in the dmv area - YEAR ROUND


December - April

What are our Covid-19 protocols?

We encourage 9 easy ways to stay safe and have fun during a Covid-19 trip.

Transformative Travel uses the lens of H.E.A.R.T and a potent 4-part process, intensional pre, during and post-trip reflection that can bring more meaning to your journey.

Our journeys venture outdoors while embarking on national and international adventures. Some of the activities included in our small-group travel during Covid-19 come in the form of hiking, fly fishing, float-trips, bird-watching, wildlife adventures retreats and workshops. 

How do we bring H.E.A.R.T to your outdoor experience?

  • By leaving no trace.
  • By respecting wildlife and the environment.
  • By respecting other people who you share the space. 
  • By being vulnerable enough willing to participate in our exercises. “Being a good sport.”
  • Facilitating the potency of team vs I.
  • Encouraging guests to expand their perspectives to include all living beings. 
  • We provide all logistics, including activities, and meals and refreshments (where applicable) so you can fully engage in the adventure without any worries. 
  • We provide opportunities for you to socially-connect and engage with loved ones while safely physically-distancing in the outdoors. 
  • We pay attention to the environment and ecosystem, while honoring native habitat. 
  • We engage your physical self in the outdoors through hiking, fly-fishing, kayaking, canoeing, bird and wildlife watching. 
  • Simply put, we provide opportunities to connect to the natural world and one another
  • We explore the outdoors with the intention of exploring the local ecosystem and our role in it as stewards.
  • We seek cultural and historical stories beneath the surface.
  • We offer mindfulness practice along the journey.
  • By honoring your inner journey.
  • By encouraging mind-body connection practices (walking meditation, fly-fishing fully present, mind and body are in sync.) 
  • We encourage explorers to pay attention to their inward journey when things don’t go as per plan, as the inner journey tends to shape their ability to be resilient.  
  • We provide pre and post journey rituals that build resilience. (*on applicable journeys)
  • We offer a positive attitude and encouraging language to foster the best in our explorers. .
  • We help explorers honor their physical potential while exploring the outdoors. 
  • We encourage a gratitude mindset.
  • We offer gratitude reflection exercises.
  • We encourage to explorers to bring the renewal of the outdoors back to their everyday life. 
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