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Featured Specials

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Costa Rica (Hosted)

Get hooked on thrill & flavor: Fly fish, feast on seafood, and explore the colors of Costa Rica's Caribbean!
$ 3,950 From / Per Angler

Nepal + Bhutan

Experience the rich culture and breathtaking landscape of Nepal and Bhutan with your private guide.
$ 5,450 From / Per Person

Panama (Private)

Unwind in your private hideaway. Reserve 8 spots and receive 2 free at our family reunion getaway.
$ 3,225 + 2 FREE Per Person / 10 Minimum

South India

Discover southern India as you delve into Kerala's captivating cultures & exquisite cuisine.
$ 3,950 Per Person / Double

India, Nepal Border

Immerse yourself in the rich biodiversity of the India-Nepal border while catching Golden Mahseer.
$ 275 + Single Per Person / Per Night

Costa Rica (Private)

Experience pure serenity in our private retreat: Create lasting memories in Costa Rica's Blue Zone.
$ 2,545 + 2 FREE Per Person / 22 Minimum

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Step out intensionally with our Transformative Travel 4 part process, which includes, virtual pre-trip briefings, interview with Misty Dhillon to discuss everything from tackle and packing checklist to techniques to polish up on before your adventure begins. 

Experience the power of our pre, during, and post journey reflections, providing opportunities for you to process and explore the most potent aspects of your journey, even if fishing conditions are challenging.  

* Please Note: Golden Mahseer pursuits are not for the faint of heart. Devotees of notoriously finicky fish such as Carp, Steelhead, Permit, Milkfish, and Tarpon will bring the right set of expectations, especially to a Golden Mahseer fly fishing trip. If this calls to you, you are in the right place!