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Hi Misty, after I said goodbye to you I walked back to my car and said, now that’s a fly casting lesson. Everything I told you on how great my lesson and experience was, your patience, details, explanation, hands on, demonstrating and so on, I appreciate.

Enjoy Maryland’s world class fly fishing water by learning how to fly fish. Start by signing up for our one-on-one, hourly fly fishing instruction and spend quality time on Maryland’s Patapsco river with seasoned, international guide and FFI Casting Instructor, Misty Dhillon.

Misty is a local gem of Ellicott City, Maryland, best known for leading international fly fishing expeditions. We are lucky that he now offers LOCAL fly fishing opportunities for everyone.

From a beginner, to the passionate angler looking to spend a great day on the water, Misty has something for you.

Location Historic Ellicott City


Hourly fly fishing is a great way to learn the basics and no prior fly fishing experience or equipment (rods and reels) are required, especially if you sign up in the summer months waders are not required either. So come on down to historic Ellicott city and fly fish the Patapsco river for Smallmouth bass, Sunfish as well as Trout during certain times of the year. 

$ 50 Per Angler
  • Use of Fly Fishing Rods & Reels Included
  • FFI Certified Instructor

Location Historic Ellicott City


Our family fly fishing package is designed for two or more angers, featuring plenty of time on the water to learn the basics and also catch a few fish. 

Get group pricing on this package and introduce your whole family or friends to fly fishing. The use of rods and reels is included but all anglers over the age of 16 require a Maryland freshwater non-table fishing license.

*Get $40 Off on 8-16 year olds and take a kid fly fishing! 

$ 125 Per Angler
  • 8-16 year olds - $85 !
  • Use of Fly Fishing Rods & Reels Included
  • FFI Certified Instructor

Location Patapsco (Avalon Area)


Our Half-day fly fishing package is ideal for spending a good amount of time on the water learning how to fly cast, manage line, make mends, and connect to a few fish. Additionally, a packed lunch is also included and so is the use of fly fishing tackle. Please note that all angles over the 16 but over the age of 16 will require a Maryland non-tidal freshwater fishing license.
$ 250 Per Angler
  • Use of Fly Fishing Rods & Reels Included
  • FFI Certified Instructor
  • Packed Lunch Included

Location Patapsco (Avalon Area)


A full day guided fishing package includes seven (7) hours on the water, packed lunch and plenty of time to learn how to fly fish and connect to a few different species that are found in the Patapsco river in Maryland. Enjoy the opportunity to present your flies do a variety of different situations helping you develop the skills needed to get out on the water by yourself. 
$ 325 Per Angler
  • Use of Fly Fishing Rods & Reels Included
  • FFI Certified Instructor
  • Packed Lunch Included
Float trips on the Patapsco are done via inflatable kayak so that you can cover some of the best spots on this river easily and quickly. Please note that float trips are only available during the summer months and include a packed lunch in addition to seven hours on the water. Hence giving you plenty of time to learn the ropes of fly fishing from the bank as well as from a kayak. You will also learn about safety best industry practices, making good presentations as well as sight fly fishing that can be very exciting during the summer months especially for smallmouth bass!
$ 395 Per Angler
  • Use of Fly Fishing Rods & Reels Included
  • Use of River Gear Included
  • Packed Lunch Included

At TT we use fly fishing as a vehicle for personal as well as collective transformation by supporting YOU, so you can travel locally, nationally or internationally and cast to the fish of your dreams with the right lens and support.

Starting From

$ 995 Per Angler
  • Double Occupancy

Find an instant remedy to stress, disconnection and loneliness. Create fresh bonds all over the world with our potent, 4-part process that uses pre, during, and post-trip reflections to bring attention to not just your outer journey, but also your inner adventure. Treat yourself to the wellness YOU deserve.

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Hourly fly casting is done on the Patapsco River, close to our Main St. office in historic Ellicott city. Learn about the following. 

  • 4 basic terms in fly casting. 
  • Practice 4 basic principles of a fly cast. 
  • Learn the roll cast. 
  • River reading.
  • Safety First. 

Our 3 hr. family package covers everything from fly casting instruction to getting you out on the water fly fishing the Patapsco river. 

  • Meet your instructor on a pre trip interview so he can learn more about what you want to get out of your time on the water. 
  • Learn the basics of a fly cast. 
  • Learn to use the principles and substance of casting to manifest a fish on the Patapsco river.  
  • Spend quality, meaningful time with your family and experience your local eco system. 
  • Connect with your guide on a post trip reflection session to bring attention to the insights and experiences gained during your time on the water. 

A half day’s guided fly fishing on the Patapsco river is for 5 hrs and cover the basics of getting you out on the water confidently. Showing you some local fishing spots so you can practice at your own time. This package also come with a packed breakfast/lunch out on the water. 

The fly day is a good way to spend the day learning about the fly fishing. Give you a good amount of time out on the water experiencing everything from fly casting, mends and even the double haul along with  connecting to a few fish. 

Cover more water fly fishing if you are up for a float trip on the Patapsco river. A map of the float trip is attached for your reference.
This package involves the use of an inflatable that TT will provide, meeting up at the Woodstock Inn parking where you can leave your car and you and float down a stretch of the Patapsco accessing some of the best smallmouth bass waters and showing you more of the river.
We’ll also have a life jacket and a paddle for you and I will have all the fishing gear for you to float and access some of the best water up of Daniels Dam. 

Guided Fly Fishing Package Inclusions

Patapsco River, Maryland, The United States

  • Guided fly fishing and instruction. 
  • Pre-trip interview with Misty so we can learn more about YOU!
  • Meet & greet at the pre-designated spot. 
  • Use of fly fishing tackle. 
  • Detailed packing checklist. 
  • Packed Lunch (half & full-day). 
  • Applicable taxes and/or credit card processing fees are included. 
  • Post Trip Interview (Full Day Only). 

Meet your certified fly casting instructor.

Misty Dhillon

India’s first casting instructor back in 2011 and the world pioneering Golden Mahseer fly fishing guide, isn’t just your average fishing guide. With over 25 years of guiding expeditions, Misty Dhillon can cover aspects of the sport that will bring value to your future adventures; helping create the foundations of style versus substance in your journey as a fly angler. 

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Meet your fly fishing guide

Misty Dhillon is an FFI certified casting instructor who is the world authority on Golden Mahseer fly fishing in the Himalayas. For over 20 years, Misty Dhillon has worked alongside the world’s pioneers in expedition documentaries, fly fishing adventure travel, and sporting travel journalists to bring to the world’s attention the elusive Golden Mahseer fishery that is threatened by hydroelectric power and an ever-increasing need for water. 

Misty Dhillon has initiated river conservation in the Himalayas on a grass root level by living in the Himalayan foothills and training India’s first generation to fly fishing guides from local river communities. Encouraging local stakeholders in the remote Himalayan frontier with Nepal to use intentional, catch and release, single barbless hook fly fishing as a regenerative resource for sustainable income through eco-tourism while reconnecting river communities to conservation.  

Having lost his father at the age of 8, Misty used fishing and the outdoors to transform his life from the early of 15. He is hence passionate about using the fly-fishing lens to empower communities, particularly people of color.

Support Local

Packed meals for this guided fly fishing adventure are put together by Ellicott City’s very own, Little Market Café recently featured by Gordon Ramsey. 

Why this adventure?

  • Use fly-fishing in Maryland as a tool to connect to your local habitat and share it with your loved ones.
  • Enjoy fly-casting instruction with FFI certified casting instructor, Misty Dhillon. 
  • Leave the details to us and enjoy a packed lunch, put together by Ellicott City’s very own, Little Market Cafe.
  • Cast a fly to Rainbow Trout, Golden Trout, Small mouth bass and sun fish that are ideal for sowing the seeds of fly fishing. 

What makes us unique?

Our Process

Bring more meaning to your journey locally, nationally or internationally with our 4-part process. 

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