The mythic Dorado is clearly the primary fish to be targeted on this trip.

Dorados ranging in size from 4 to 12 pounds are quite common and caught in good numbers. Fishing is done from 14 foot Skiff style boats that are equipped with 40hp four stroke motors. Fishing is very similar to a saltwater fly-fishing experience. Guides pole the skiffs while anglers take their turns on the bow either sight or blind casting.


The Iberá Wetlands (Spanish: Esteros del Iberá, from Guaraní ý berá: “bright water”) located in north central Corrientes Province, Argentina, is one of the most important and largest fresh water reservoirs in South America.

The season is eight continuous months beginning September 1st and concluding on April 30th. 

During the summer months, December 15th through March 15, daytime high temperatures are typically 95 to 100 F. During the months of September through early December, and late March through the end of April, the temperatures are typically 80 to 85 F.

The typical leader set-up is 8-9 ft of straight 50-pound test monofilament followed by 6-12 inched of 40-50 pound test wire bite tippet. 


Strong leaders are required to help prevent accidental break- offs in the water-grass and lilly pads.

We recommend #8 and #6 weight, fast action rods that are 9 feet long. Reels need to have good drag systems and include 30 pound backing. Fly lines should be tropical due to the warm water conditions and air temperature. Tropical WF Floating Line and Intermediate Clear Tip lines work the best.

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