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Golden Dorado Fishing, Iberá Wetlands is a paradise for fly anglers.

Escape to a world full of adventure and excitement with Golden Dorado Fishing, Iberá Wetlands.

Explore the world with us and bring your whole family along. This fly fishing journey is all inclusive, giving you a chance to enjoy warm temperatures, amazing culture, gorgeous surroundings, delicious food and world class, guided fly fishing. 

Experience a 7-night program in Argentina, immersing you in new rich experiences that include cultural delights, incredible birding, and fly fishing in the un-pressured waters of Golden Dorado.

Experience the thrill and excitement of landing a many Golden Dorado. These fish are considered one of the hardest fighting and most aggressive freshwater species on the planet. But they are also unpredictable and wary, making it difficult to predict results during the season.



  • International Airport: Buenos Aires Airport (EZE)
  • Domestic Airport: Arrive at Corrientes International Airport (CNQ) where you will be met by a representative.
  • Starting At Price: $ 6,750 (per angler)
  • Capacity: 12 participants
  • Duration: 8 Days / 7 Nights (Saturday through Saturday) 
  • Dates: Customized, subject to availability
  • Activity Level: Bring the family on a luxurious fly fishing adventure, where we’ll keep you entertained with guided fly fishing, use of all our own equipment, and access to some of the most prolific Golden Dorado fishing, averaging 8-12 lbs. You can fish as much or as little as you like.

7 nights, 8 days


Saturday: Arriving to Corrientes, you’ll be met by a representative of the La Alondra Lodge (2 hrs drive from the airport). Settle in with a glass of wine and meet with your guides to learn about the upcoming week’s fly fishing adventure over a welcome dinner. 

Sunday-Friday: Iberá is one of the most important and largest freshwater reservoirs in South America offering anglers 5,000 square miles of exclusive  Dorado fishing. Savor 6 full days of guided fly fishing in the Iberá Wetlands, Corrientes Province Argentina.

Experience the thrill of fly fishing with guides who know this Golden Dorado fishery intimately. We provide a comfortable luxury skiffs for one or two anglers and a host of guides who are professionally trained to give you the best possible fly fishing experience.

La Alondra ’i is a charming, colonial-era hotel nestled in the heart of Ibera Wetland Park. The property provides an ideal setting for your exploration of this beautiful place, with accommodations that are both spacious and comfortable. Though the water conditions are stable and predictable throughout the season, we do recommend that you check in with us at least one week before your visit, so our staff can make sure everything is top notch for you.

Saturday: Spend your morning in Corrientes and enjoy a delicious breakfast at the lodge. Your private transfer will chauffeur you to the local airport for your return charter flight back to Buenos Aires.


Please note that all booking are subject to availably during the time of deposit. 

8 days

$ 6,750
Per angler
  • Saturday to Saturday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

When you’re looking for the best place in the world to catch a dorado, we’d recommend Argentina. Here are three places where you can expect to have an excellent time reeling in a dorado. 

The Iberá wetlands protects one of the largest freshwater and marine systems in Argentina, with a surface area of over 8 million hectares in Corrientes and Entre Ríos Provinces.

First, there’s two ways to fish for Dorado: Big and Slow or Small and Fast. In Ibera wetlands in Argentina, water conditions are stable and predictable throughout the season therefore every month fishes equally well.

However, the outside temperatures and humidity are something to consider when planning your visit. The 8-weight, 9’4”, 4-piece fast action rod lets you cast heavier flies and also lessen arm fatigue. If possible, bring an additional 8 weight rod that can be strung up with a different line. Quality reels with working drags balance your rods and Reels should be loaded with 150 yards of 30 lb backing.

We’re not sure if it’s the most elusive fish in the world or the one that is most likely take a fly. But we do know that when you catch these fish, you’ll be doing something right. The Golden Mahseer, a native fish to the Himalayas, is one of the most elusive fish in the world. There are only three places left where it can be found: India’s Brahmaputra River, Nepal’s headwaters of Langtang Khola and Bhutan’s Manas River. In terms of appearance, it is small but very colorful with black vertical stripes on its sides and a large golden hump on its back. You’ll need nerves of steel to catch this fish because it takes off like lightning when disturbed by human activity or predators. If you’re lucky enough to catch one though, prepare for an unforgettable experience!

What is the hardest fish to catch on a fly and why? The answer may surprise you… Fly fishing might be a sport for all, but it is also a great way to learn about other species and about yourself. Here’s a list of some of the most difficult fish to catch on a fly rod.

What's included

  • Return Charter flight from Buenos Aires to Corrientes Airport (CNQ).
  • This package includes meet & greet at Corrientes Airport (CNQ).
  • Meals & accommodation as listed. 
  • Complimentary beer and wine. 
  • No hassles with all logistics planned, special activities, reservations, and excursions as listed in your itinerary. 
  • Our 4-part transformative travel process, including a 1 hr pre and 1 hr post journey virtual interview with all participants. 
  • Detailed packing checklist. 
  • Maps of destination. 
  • Guidance on travel policies, do’s and don’ts. 
  • A consciously-designed itinerary intentionally made to manifest your greatest desires for your journey.
  • Applicable taxes & credit card processing fee are included.
  • Detailed packing checklist. 
  • Applicable taxes and/or credit card processing fee are included.
  • A shared google folder with all important documents (such as your parking pass, reservations information, phone numbers, addresses, and a packing checklist) will be accessible to you anytime, anywhere.


La Alondra

La Alondra Lodge is located in an area of ​​great ecological importance. It has a historic legacy that offers the perfect experience and charm when visiting the Iberá Wetlands.

The place

Iberá Wetlands

Our water conditions are stable and predictable throughout the season therefore every month fishes equally well. However, the outside temperatures and humidity are something to consider when planning your visit.


Fishing gear

The Iberá Fly Rods are designed for an angler who covers water while casting heavy flies. It is also recommended that anglers bring at least two rods. One with a floating line and one with a clear intermediate tip.

Why this journey?

  • Explore your personal passion of fly fishing for the legendary Dorado, cultural interactions, culinary experiences, and outdoor adventures. 
  • Immerse yourself into the philosophies and stories of the north central Corrientes province and it’s people that offers fresh perspectives into day to day life.   
  • Structured, yet flexible guided activity schedules, leaves the planning to us while you engage in exclusive access to one of the most significant and largest freshwater reservoirs of South America that offers anglers some 5,000 square miles of clear, creeks, channels and lagoons. Rich with wildlife that includes an array of birds. 
  • Anglers can expect a flats fly-fishing type experience at Iberá. Guides pole the skiffs, while anglers take their turns on the bow either sight or blind casting. 
  • Suitable for anglers of all skill levels, beginner included, will enjoy this unique fishery and rich ecosystem.
  • End each day with deluxe amenities, meaningful conversation and reflection at the historic and boutique La Alondra lodge that sits on the edge of Argentina’s prolific Iberá wetlands

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