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Golden Mahseer fly fishing

What is the most elusive fish to catch in the world?

Here are 3 incredible fish that will put all your fly fishing skills to the test.

The epitome of strength and elusiveness in the world of fishing, the Golden Mahseer is a legendary catch.

Natives to the majestic Himalayas, this extraordinary fish holds the crown as one of the strongest and most coveted catches known to anglers. Let us unveil some of its remarkable qualities that make it so unique and desirable. First and foremost, this fish possesses an unmatched level of elusiveness. With its limited habitats confined to just three pristine locations – India’s Brahmaputra River, Nepal’s Langtang Khola, and Bhutan’s Manas River – this fish has mastered the art of evading capture. Its rarity and exclusive dwellings make it a prize worth pursuing, capturing the hearts and imaginations of fishing enthusiasts worldwide. But it’s not just its elusive nature that sets this fish apart. When it comes to sheer strength, this fish reigns supreme.

Golden Mahseer

This freshwater fish of the genus Tor putitora is found in the rivers of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. It has a golden body with black stripes on its back. The fish can grow up to 60cm long and weigh up to 3kg (7lb). The Golden Mahseer has been listed as one of “The World’s Top 10 Most Elusive Fish” by Sport Fishing Magazine.

Golden Dorado

Introducing the Golden Dorado, the ultimate trophy for adventurous anglers! This magnificent freshwater sport fish offers an exhilarating challenge that will test your skills and ignite your passion for fishing. Here’s why the Golden Dorado is worth pursuing:

1. Thrilling Encounter: With its impressive size, reaching up to 4 feet long and weighing 40 pounds, the Golden Dorado will give you an unforgettable battle that will leave you wanting more.
2. Formidable Predator: The Golden Dorado has evolved to have very sharp teeth and appetite during certain times of the year. As an apex predator, it demands strategic angling techniques be it fly or lures. 
3. Elusive Nature: Fishing for the Golden Dorado is a quest in itself. This species is known for its stealthy behavior, lurking within strainers, abundant vegetation cover, such as fallen trees and bushes. Unveil their secret hiding spots and outsmart their evasive tactics isn’t as had as getting to some of the locations they are found in. Immersive, breathtaking landscape, and pristine untouched watersheds.

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