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Where is the best dorado fishing?

The best Dorado fishing in Argentina is in the ibera wetlands. Let us show you how we catch them!

When you’re looking for the best place in the world to catch a dorado, we’d recommend Argentina’s Ibera Wetlands is one of the best places to catch Golden Dorado. With a sustained population, this wetland is full of beautiful golden color. 

The Iberá wetlands protects one of the largest freshwater and marine systems in Argentina, with a surface area of over 8 million hectares in Corrientes and Entre Ríos Provinces.


The Paraná River is a life blood for Argentina, with tremendous biodiversity and cultural richness.

Discover the best dorado fishing in South America is at the Iberá Wetlands in Corrientes or Entre Ríos Provinces. This beautiful area of Argentina is home to a large number of different wildlife species including jaguars, caimans, crocodiles and monkeys.

Fly fishing Ibera Argentina

The best place in the world to catch a dorado is actually located in its interior. The iberá wetlands are located in the province of Corrientes or Entre Ríos and they’re home to one of Argentina’s largest freshwater ecosystems.

If you love fishing and birdwatching, then this is the time to visit. The rainy season runs from November through March each year so this is where you’ll want to begin your search if you’d like to locate some dorado fish during this time frame.


One of the best spots in the world to catch dorado fish.

We hope this guide has helped you to find where the best places in Argentina are to catch dorado. Be careful, as these fish are very fast!

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