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As fears dominate our vision for the future and survival mode for many. A test of our resilience sets foot into our lives and travel is often the last thing on our minds. 

Travel has come to a screeching halt. But our “call to adventure” hasn’t!

Misty Dhillon

co-founder transformative travel llc.

It’s an opportunity to open your awareness to local travel. That means walking into your backyard – you never knew existed. 

Only recently, I learnt about my very back-yard. Transformative Travel’s office, on Main St. Ellicott City that looks-over the Patapsco river. I learnt that it is said to be one of the best small-mouth bass rivers in the state of Maryland during the summer. A fishery that has fascinated me since having moved to this part of the world. 

Such unknown surprises lurk around ever corner we take the time to bring your attention. It sometimes feels like putting your inner-self in time-out in order to bring attention to what is in store locally.  

Anaiya and Misty hiking in the catoctin mountain ranges

What does into a post Covid-19 Journey.



  • To leave no trace. Respecting wildlife and the environment.
  • Respecting other people who you share the space.
  • Bring Vulnerable during our exercises.
  • Being a good sport.


  • We provide you with a schedule of activities with all the supplies for the activities that includes meals. 
  • Social connecting while physical distancing. 
  • Paying attention to the environment. 
  • Paying attention to physical activities. Hiking fishing kayaking. Etc. What ever we offer.


  • Understanding our role in the ecosystem and as stewards of the environment Reflecting on the cultural and historical stories beneath the surface.
  • Practices of Mindfulness along the journey.
  • Being aware of your inner journey Mind-body connection practices (walking meditation, fishing fully present, mind and body are in synch.)


  • Aware of the inward journey when things don’t go as per plan.
  • Pre Journey and Post journey rituals to build resilience.
  • Positive attitude and language
  • Honoring the full potential of your physical body.
  • Aware of the sense Competitiveness that can come up.


  • Gratitude Offerings before meals
  • Gratitude reflection exercises
assateague island virginia, maryland

Social distancing is a luxury. Something we take for granted in large parts of the US including Ellicott City / Howard County. 

But as we walk into our future of travel much of which is still in the unknown. Seems to me there is no doubt it will bring us to be more aware of the inner journey and small-group travel. One that will push us to more thought an intension behind our travel decisions versus escapism in travel. 

Such small-group outdoor possibilities exists preserves like Assategue Island, Virginia and Maryland reflecting a multi-activity itinerary with and plenty of warm summer breeze and activities like hiking, kayaking and even fly fishing lessons to keep travel fresh and abundant with possibilities for everyone. 

Spaced out arrival, departures break group arrivals and departures into the attention to detail in considerations even in a setting as remote and wild as that of a preserve. 

Private trips are encouraged and so is plenty of “you time”. Exploring with the intension of giving your family and self time without worrying about the post Covid-19 logistics and knowing that we have your back. 



Finally, here are some post Covid-19 portocalls that
are in the considerations for our upcoming adventures.

Small groups of no more than eight.

Even if you’re a small group of friends who known each other – arrivals of all 8 participants are broken into 4 arrival slots to bring attention and detail of settling in before slipping into your holiday or retreat. 

Bring your own tents & sleeping bags.

Sticking to your own personal gear avoids fears and risks that will bring value to your outdoor experience having one less post Covid-19 detail to worry about. 

Socially distant meals and pre appointed dinning area.

Pre appointed dinning area slot and number helping yourself to a pre-set buffet in order of 1-2 people at a time. 

Socially distancing during activities.

Walk / Drive / Bike your own way to the activity. Even though all equipment is pre sanitize it is mandatory to sanitize rental gear once again yourself to make sure. 

Toilets & Sanitizing?

Toilets must be sanitized before and after use. 

Last but not least - Traveling with H.E.A.R.T

Being Humble, feeling engaged, aware, resilient to the newness of post Covid-19 adventures and being thankful is key to having a great time even during these times.  

For all your Golden Mahseer fishers out there. Don’t be disappointed. Look-out my limited edition of Golden Mahseer flies dressed with the finest Daichii single-barbless hooks. The package includes 14-flies complete about 8 Intruder patterns, tube flies and flies that have served me well living and leading trips in the Himalayan foothills for over 2 decades before moving to Maryland.

Travel to the Himalayas and fly fishing for Golden Mahseer has always been about walking into he unknown and hence discovery and a new experience. So don’t stop planning your dream fish trip!

Misty Dhillon

co-founder transformative travel llc.


It’s also a good time for the local fly and wanna be fly fishers of Nepal, Bhutan and India to support some local waters and Golden Mahseer habitat that is on the bring of extinction thanks to our obsession with hydro power in that part of the world. Contrary to seeing dams taken down in some parts of the world including our back-yard, the Bloede Dam removal project in Patapsco Valley State Park down-river from our office in Ellicott City. 

Talking of which, check-out Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen and Back that was shot in Ellicott City just days before Covid-19. Certainly worth a watch  and brings attention to this resilient community of business owners  local breweries, restaurants, the most delicious local fudge and also history.

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