Fly Fishing – Kingman Island in Washington DC with LPTM.

Sharing A PASSION for Fly-Fishing & the outdoors with young african american boys in Washington DC. I have always found fly-fishing to be an empowering channel for helping communities reconnect to the outdoors and the natural world. My journey of using fly-fishing to connect to local communities began in India, where I shared my passion […]

Golden Mahseer Fishing Trip, Ramganga River, Northern India

Golden Mahseer Fishing in India’s Ramganga River on the outskirts of Jim Corbett Park is quite the adventure! Golden Mahseer fishing in the classic sight-fishery can be both intimidating and rewarding. The Ramganga’s legendary reputation outdoes most Golden Mahseer fishing in northern India also due to it’s association to the Jim Corbett Park. Golden Mahseer […]

What is Transformative Travel?

By Aikta Suri Let’s start with what it ain’t! (Sorry grammar nazis) There are many ways to visit a travel destination. Some people like to create a top-ten checklist of famous landmarks, with the simple desire to take a selfie in each iconic location. These “top-ten hotspot” trips typically involve little interaction with local communities, pack in […]

Transformational Travel Journey – Misty Dhillon

By Misty Dhillon Introduction I started obsessing over fly fishing for Himalayan Mahseer in 1994. This bio-indicator fish species swims in rivers across the Himalayan foothills of Pakistan, India ,Nepal, Bhutan, and Mayanmar. My passion soon turned profession leading me to organising expedition travel involving complicated logistics, special permits and much of the stepping into […]