Transform Your World With Meaningful Travel

What does travel post Covid-19 look like?

As fears dominate our vision for the future and survival mode for many. A test of our resilience sets foot into our lives and travel is often the last thing on our minds. Travel has come to a screeching halt. But our “call to adventure” hasn’t! Misty Dhillon co-founder transformative travel llc. It’s an opportunity to […]

How can you make any travel transformative?

Traveling with H.E.A.R.T One of the most important factors to transformative travel is the lens of the traveler. This means that two people can experience the exact same itinerary yet have very different experiences. What differentiates between the making of an ordinary experience and a transformative one? simply put – it is the lens from […]

Fly Fishing – Kingman Island in Washington DC with LPTM.

Sharing A PASSION for Fly-Fishing & the outdoors with young african american boys in Washington DC. I have always found fly-fishing to be an empowering channel for helping communities reconnect to the outdoors and the natural world. My journey of using fly-fishing to connect to local communities began in India, where I shared my passion […]

Golden Mahseer Fishing Trip, Ramganga River, Northern India

Golden Mahseer Fishing in India’s Ramganga River on the outskirts of Jim Corbett Park is quite the adventure! Golden Mahseer fishing in the classic sight-fishery can be both intimidating and rewarding. The Ramganga’s legendary reputation outdoes most Golden Mahseer fishing in northern India also due to it’s association to the Jim Corbett Park. Golden […]