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High Water Mahseer Fishing Trip in October

High Water Golden Mahseer Fishing Adventure in October. All Inclusive Package with Economy Flights! Visit the Himalayan foothills of northern India, just after the monsoon and try your luck at some of the strongest fighting freshwater fish that swim the rivers of our planet. So why’s that? As the monsoons have played a major role in […]

Mahseer Fishing Outfitters in Himalayan India

Golden Mahseer Fishing Outfitter of Pancheshwar, Northern India Young, enthusiastic and exuberant passion for the Golden Mahseer. Daniel Abraham, has grown up listening to stories from his father and uncles of India’s legendary Golden Mahseer. From an early age, he has also been following them to some of their favorite, secret, Golden Mahseer fishing spots […]

Experience The Springs Resort & Spa, Costa Rica

Experience The Springs Resort & Spa at Arenal Treat yourself and loved ones to lasting memories. Vacation with a spectacular view of the Arenal volcano, natural hot springs, five unique dining experiences, and an impressive full-service Spa,  promises every aspect of quality, service and hospitality one is looking for while getting away.In addition, CNN Travel […]

Best Lures for Golden Mahseer Fishing

What are the best lures for Golden Mahseer fishing? And why? In order to be successful on the water during Golden Mahseer fishing, it is important to take time to understand the habitat of the Golden Mahseer.  Important to realize that Golden Mahseer are a fish of the rapids. As they are specially comfortable holding […]

Maryland Fly Fishing for Beginners, Patapsco River

Fly Fishing in Maryland’s Patapsco River Howard County, Maryland Maryland’s fly fishing waters are home to some excellent opportunities, for beginners and experienced anglers. The Patapsco River offers an abundant mix of specie-rich fly water and plenty of places where you can practice a host of casting situations. As a certified casting instructor, Patapsco River […]