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Jeep Safari Satpura National Park

Satpura National Park is rich in biodiversity and hosts a wide variety of mammals including spotted deer, Indian bison (gaur), tigers, leopards, wild boar, wild dog (locally called dholes), sloth bears, black buck (unique attraction), porcupine, sambhar, four horned antelopes (chowsingha), pangolin, marsh crocodile.

The amazing landscapes of Central India are a wonder to behold. Many species of mammals, birds and reptiles live here.

Satpura National Park is one of the oldest and largest protected areas of India. It is rich in biodiversity and a home to a large number of animals, birds and reptiles.

The rugged and majestic Churna peak is the highest point in Dasuya National Park. The climate of the region ranges from cool to warm and the vegetation is dense.

Explore Satpura National Park and its rich biodiversity with our Churna Full Day Safari, which allows access deeper into the park for sighting the Gaur, Chital, Nilgai and Sambar.

Birdwatching at Forsyth Lodge India

The Satpura Tiger Reserve is surrounded by the high hills of South India, which are the habitat of many endangered species. The grasslands are being managed by adroxifying tree plantations and other measures to give these habitats due protection.

The night is alive with the sound of waves crashing on the banks of Denwa River, a place where anything is possible.

Dusk Safari in the buffer zone, the new addition to the Meeresurfings family offers you an opportunity to witness rare wildlife at night. Accompanied by a local forest guide and a naturalist;  guests can expect owls, wild cats, bears, civets, etc. If you’re lucky, you may meet the world’s smallest wildcat – the Rusty-spotted Cat.

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