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day trips in maryland during covid are becoming increasingly important.

There is no safer way to spend time with your loved ones during this pandemic than being in the outdoors. Spending time outside has also served in reducing stress and  encouraging new perspectives and appreciation of your local environment. Traveling locally allows you to bring the transformation that travel offers into your own “backyard”.  In some ways the transformation is more potent because it is taking place right here at home. 

Taking the time during this pandemic to explore local day-trips in Maryland has been a lifesaver and the hidden gem of this difficult time..  It is becoming increasingly important. Especially during times as trying as Covid. There’s also a variety of reasons you should consider stepping outdoors for a short day-tip, particularly if you are living in Maryland or the DMV area.

fly fishing in maryland's Patapsco river

Short day trips in Maryland during Covid.

Firstly, day trips allow you precious moments with loved ones and yourself during the pandemic. 

Spending long periods of time, isolated from social interaction can be hard. Hence, well-planned, day-trips are also great for breaking old patterns with your loved ones who you spend a lot of time with.

In addition, day-trips often require less driving, hassle-free from overnight logistics that can be a nightmare especially during Covid. Hence, local, short, day-trips can be a potent way to take your relationship to the next level during the pandemic. 

Secondly, day-trips encourage fresh perspectives, especially in the outdoors. As Maryland’s landscape lends itself to the outdoor explorations. It is also a great summer destination.

Hence, by throwing out a challenge to your everyday life and embarking on outdoor adventures such as hiking, kayaking, fly-fishing etc. One can make your day-trip even more through the lens of the unknown than can lead to new possibilities in all avenues of your life during Covid.

In a world that is becoming increasingly complex a day-trip outdoors can be hugely beneficial to cope with stress levels. Therefore, the outdoors is a great tool for fresh perspectives, especially when you want to break through the conditioning of your day-to-day life.

Finally, day-trips can also open your awareness to what’s local. Digging deeper and finding gems locally. 

In contrast to our conditioning, that vacations have to be somewhere far. Short day-trips can bring great awareness, fascination and engagement  through the lens of the unknown, locally. Especially given Mayland’s natural and historic treasures.

Equally important is to understand the importance of stepping-out more intentionally during times as trying as Covid. 

I always encourage travelers to step with the intention of H.E.A.R.T (humble, engaged, aware, resilient and thankful) for a great experience every time.

In conclusion, day-trips in Maryland during Covid are important to up-level your game both at work and at home but also embody the great wisdom Maryland’s diverse habitat has to offer.

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