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The Stripset in Costa Rica

Pushing boundaries fly fishing for Tarpon on Costa Rica's border with Panama.

Putting your strip-setting skills to the test fly fishing for Tarpon on the Costa Rica Panama border isn't your average vacation.

Though for some it is. Believe it not, Costa Rica’s southern most fly fishing lodge, dedicated primarily to Tarpon fishing is located on the Caribbean coast just above the border of Panama offers some of the best chances to put your skills to the test against some rather large Tarpon that too while staying within the Gandoca – Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge.

But that’s not all. As you will be staying within Gandoca – Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge, only you have access to it’s premises 24-hours a day. Yes, that’s right. 

Reason we mention that is because it matters, especially if you desire to open your awareness to more than just the fly fishing habitat found within the conservancy of the Gandoca – Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge.

 Which even though is enough to keep you busy for days, considering you can take a day off from Tarpon fishing and sneak up to Trigger fish and the occasional permit along the edge of this wildlife refuge just 50 meters from your lodge. 

On the other hand; your casting shoulders can only take so much casting 9-14 wt fly rods. Especially, considering each guided session is about 4 hours. You might want to consider breaking it up. 

Hence, taking the time to check out some of Costa Rica’s lesser pressured surf town and best habitat for snorkeling opportunities should certainly not be missed; give you are in a place that has so much to offer. 

  • Geared for tourism: Unlike some destinations, Costa Rica is geared for travelers. From the moment you arrive in the country, to the time you depart you feel a sense of Pura Vida or pure life in the way in which life is perceived.
  • Eco tourism and unprecedented access: Meet with your local guides and get exclusive access to the National Refuge staying and all boarding lodging is within the Gandoca – Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge while all other hotels and lodges are outside which give you 24 hr access to the refuge and coastline for those sight fishing pursuits mostly for triggerfish that are at your door step with no other competition.
  • Support local: Your days fly fishing are hosted by a team of local guides from Manzanillo’s very own afro-caribbean fishing community who know these waters and breaks intimately. 
  • Soak in wildlife sightings both on and off the coast of the Gandoca – Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Enjoy fresh fruit, Ceviche, lobster meals for half the price you would in the US and fresh seafood, vegetarian as well as 

Join is this April!

Take 9 days to explore Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast.

  • Enjoy a perfect journey for anglers and wildlife adventure companions to enjoy together!
  •  Enjoy exclusive accommodations, with full meal service provided inside of Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife and Marine Refuge. Accommodation facilities within the reserve are simple and basic.
  • Experience EPIC Fly Fishing for Tarpon, Trigger Fish, and Permit with seasoned local captains and guides on the gorgeous Caribbean Sea! Get out there and fish with people who know these waters like the back of their hand!

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Costa Rica is home to some of the Earth’s most precious natural wonders. From rich protected ecosystems offering lush homes to brilliant flora and fauna, to spectacular Cloud Forests, Costa Rica does not disappoint. 

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