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An immersive guided journey exploring the powerful interconnection between spirituality, art, history, & culture in the mystical land of India.

Day by Day

Arrive to a warm welcome at the New Delhi International Airport. Our representative will meet you upon clearing customs. Enjoy a short drive to your centrally located B&B. Make an afternoon visit to meet a local priest in Saint Luke’s Church in Delhi. Visit Lodhi Gardens for an evening walk, guided yoga practice, and historical sightseeing all while connecting to the local birdsong of Delhi.historical sights.

Begin the morning exploring two diverse spiritual faiths in India, Islam and Bahai, with a visit to Jamamasjid (one of India’s largest mosques) and the Lotus Temple – a universal space of worship with your host. Post lunch get a real taste of daily living with a hosted half day tour of Old Delhi. Enjoy a heritage & bazaar walk through the old narrow streets of Delhi. Participate in local activities and interaction with cycle rickshaw & battery rickshaw rides. Sample safe street food tasting to try some local delicacies (with proven hygiene standards). Visit hidden treasures of Delhi’s old spice market. Witness Hindu prayers in a local temple. Finally visit a local home for complimentary traditional meal in a haveli (an old private mansion in the old city in which a single family has lived for many generations).

Begin your day immersing yourself in the Sikh faith by visiting Delhi’s largest Gurudwara, Bangla Sahib. Participate in the practice of seva (devotional service) by volunteering to serve langaar, a daily ritual of cooking and serving food made with love and devotion, fully free to the public – regardless of race, religion, or creed. It is estimated that 25,000 meals are served food daily as a spiritual and communal practice. Spend the afternoon exploring the history of Hinduism at Akshardam temple.

The temple offers exhibitions in three large halls. The temple is described as a source of education, information and inspiration, using a fourfold combination of art, science, culture and spirituality. It is also well known for a gondola boat ride through a presentational historical overview of Hinduism.

Take the morning flight to Udaipur, India’s home of palaces, lakes, mountains, and soulful artists. After an early morning arrival in Udaipur, check into a lovely boutique hotel situated on the banks of Fateh Sagar Lake. A special property that once belonged to the Royal family of Udaipur. Start the day by exploring Udaipur’s palaces and culturally rich historical sites situated on beautiful lakes across the city. Break for lunch and a little time to unwind in the hotel before going on an afternoon Wisdom Walks tour with your local guide, exploring local life and unique architecture. End the evening with a delicious dinner made by your own hands with the guidance of conscious cooking experts, Millets of Mewar.

Start with an early drive out of the city and through the mountainous countryside. On route we will pause and picnic for breakfast at the historical site of Haldi Ghati, which features a rose garden and museum. Continue our journey to Molela, a village known for their multi-generations of divinely- inspired terra cotta artists. These artists believe their craft is god-given and have carried it forward for generations. We will visit with a family of generational artists, take time to connect, learn about their craft, and even try our own hands at it. We will ground our creative spirit in the mud and earth of India. Next depart for the breathtaking Ranakpur Jain temples. The craftsmanship in these marble temples are complete expressions of divine devotion. End your journey with dinner back in Udaipur.

Our final day in Udaipur, we say goodbye to the Ram Pratap Hotel and meet with Rajnish Sharma, one of Udaipur’s exquisite miniature artists. Rajnish practices a miniature style called “Pichhwai”, an ancient form of art passed on from generations. Pichhwai is usually done on a large piece of cloth portraying Lord Krishna. It narrates the tales of Krishna. There is a whole community based in Nathdwara town (50km from Udaipur), who practice this style of art and display their paintings at the Krishna’s temple as well. For Rajnish, his art, his creations are a meditation. Post lunch we will visit a community of puppeteers that practice the native art Kathputli. Puppetry in India is an ancient art used for mythical story telling, drama and entertainment, often based on spiritual stories. We will be visiting a village where the whole community makes traditional puppets made of wood. They hand-paint them, design their costumes, and play corresponding music while animating their puppets during puppet shows. Finally journey to New Delhi via a short flight. Upon arrival, you will be chauffeured to a hotel close to the airport. Enjoy a good night’s rest before your travels back home.

You will be chauffeured to the airport shortly after breakfast. Check-out from your hotel is at 11 am.

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