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India luxury retreats

Transform your mind, body, and soul during a spiritual retreat to India.

India is the home of many cultures and religions, so it can be a bit overwhelming to navigate. Transformative Travel has a network of travel tribe hosts in India, who will meet your group upon arrival and provide rich insights into nature, culture and spirituality of this incredible nation.

Airport New Delhi (DEL)

Experience the ultimate luxury travel retreat in India. Your host will take you through the sacred Ganges Rivers and surrounding Himalayas to a top class ashram where you can immerse yourself in nature and experience the daily aarti ceremony on the banks of the Ganges River with your exclusive Travel Tribe host.

$ 3,850 From / Per Person
  • Double Occupancy
  • Payment Plan Available

Airport New Delhi (DEL)

Join Anvesh Thapa and Shagun Singh for a 10-day adventure through a region in India known its ancient wisdom of sustainable practices. This is an educational, deeply bonding, learning journey that will change the way your experience our world!

$ 3,950 From / Per Person
  • Double Occupancy
  • Payment Plan Available

Airport Cochi International Airport (COK)

9 Days

Explore Kerala’s traditions, culture, food and landscapes while staying in handpicked boutique hotels and guest houses offering the best in Ayurveda and various traditional healing treatments.

$ 2,950 From / Per Person
  • Double Occupancy
  • Payment Plan Available

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Experience the power of our pre, during, and post journey reflections, providing opportunities for you to process and explore the most potent aspects of your journey, even if fishing conditions are challenging.  

* Please Note: Golden Mahseer pursuits are not for the faint of heart. Devotees of notoriously finicky fish such as Carp, Steelhead, Permit, Milkfish, and Tarpon will bring the right set of expectations, especially to a Golden Mahseer fly fishing trip. If this calls to you, you are in the right place! 

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