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Is it worth going to the Maldives for a week?

Yes, it is!

Remember, you don’t have to stay for a week to have a good time in the Maldives. In addition, we also have the perfect destination to combine your Maldives. But let’s talk about why is it worth going to the Maldives for a week?

The Maldives are a country of stunning natural beauty. A paradise island republic made up of over 1,200 low-lying coral islands, scattered over 30,000 square miles in the Arabian sea and the Indian Ocean. In addition this low-lying coral atoll nation in the Indian Ocean, with over 1,100 species of fish and over 100 species of birds.

The dry season on the island is from December through April. Considered the dry season this is also the most popular time to visit. Make sure to book your stay now before prices go up for rainy season in June! The capital of the Republic of Maldives is Malé, a bustling cityscape in the Indian Ocean. With over 75% of the islands uninhabited, it’s easy to relax and enjoy your surroundings.




Experience the ultimate in island living with lagoon- and water-front properties, private beaches, and award-winning resorts.

Tourism is a vital component of the Maldivian economy, contributing nearly 26% of GDP in 2017. The tourism industry contributes around USD 1.9bn or 28% of the country’s total exports, seeing a 13% increase year-on-year in 2017. The Tourism Authority of the Maldives (TAM) is the official tourism regulator and organisation responsible for promoting and developing tourism in the Maldives. Its mission statement is to promote tourism as a sustainable source of foreign exchange

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