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John Golden Mahseer Fishing

FFI's Master Casting Instructor, John Bilotta, is a seasoned world traveller, host and mentor.

His knowledge of fishing techniques will help you find success in any location you choose.

Did you know that fly fishing is a global sport, practiced by people all around the world?

If you’re interested in getting started on this adventure, our Master Casting Instructor and host of fly fishing adventures John Bilotta would love to guide your journey.

John Bilotta is a seasoned world traveller and has been host to those looking for fly fishing adventures across the globe. Combined with a passion for travel John has been on a journey to find the most remote fishing spots in the world. It’s not easy—the angling season is short and the fish are often elusive. But he’s managed to make it happen, and he wants you to join him!

John has hosted adventure-packed fly fishing trips on the Saryu/Mahakali Rivers of India, Belize, and Greenland. But that’s not all! For some truly exotic fly fishing, he even ventured to Christmas Island, where he caught  fish on a fly rod and reel.

You’re an angler, and you know that fly fishing is like golf—it’s a passion that can take you anywhere. But even the most skilled angler can’t correct mistakes they don’t know about. John’s always been there for anglers wanting to reach their full potential.

John is a man of many talents. He’s been both a two handed as well as single handed casting instructor for over twenty years, inspiring other people to reach their full potential through his example. He’s also mentored casting instructors like TT’s co-founder and FFI casting instructor, Misty Dhillon, giving them the tools they need to pursue the fish of their dreams. 

So we decided to ask him a few questions. Here’s what he had to say: 

What age did you start fly fishing?

Growing up, I was a fly fisherman. Not very well, but enough to catch my own fish. In my early 20s, I started to pay attention to fly fishing more—and then the rest is history: I went from catching fish to catching trout, and then absolutely loved it.

I started fly fishing in my early teens when I first picked up a fly rod but not very effectively—but fished a little more in my 20s. I was an obsessive child about fishing from the time I was really young. But I didn’t handle a fly rod before I was 14. Really, I have to give my mom credit for letting me pursue fly fishing. She took me out and supported my dream from the very beginning.

I was a print and television journalist by trade. You know, that thing where you get paid to write about stuff for a living? I worked in the field for a number of years, but fly fishing is my first love, a passion that I love sharing with others.

What did you find to be most potent about this sport of fly fishing?

Fly fishing is a sport that allows you to connect with nature in a way that is almost impossible on dry land. You create yourself a very special place, on the river or on the flats, by being yourself, and following your heart. 

Fly fishing is about connecting with yourself and your surroundings. An opportunity to feel part of a community of conscious fly fishing community which is brining much attention to an important part of our planet which is our waters as there isn’t yet a planet B.  

How many countries have you coached anglers in?

As you can tell. I love fly fishing. I have hosted fly fishing expeditions to India, the United States, Greenland, Argentina, Chili, Mexico, Christmas Island and Belize.

I’m all about fly fishing, but we don’t just have fun on the water. We also try to make sure our guests have a good time, and that they get the most out of their journey. During our fly fishing adventures, I make an effort to create opportunities for our guests to engage with us on a deeper level and help them understand the importance of conscious travel, and insight into what guests can do to improve their sport or skill set.

Another cool part about my job is working lodges or guides who are based in these places and do pre adventure inspiration before and after each journey. This means that guests will be keen in practice after coming back from their adventure and continue practicing it at home as well.

Guided Mahseer Fishing India

Young anglers, I have a few words of advice for you:

I’m a fly fisherman. And I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to catch the biggest fish in order to get value out of your time on the water.

The truth is, you can catch any kind of fish if you’re prepared for it—and if you’re prepared for that, then maybe that’s all there is to it.

You can go out fishing for trout and bass, or catfish and crappie. You can even go out with a fly rod and try your hand at catching sunfish! Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up with a trophy carp.

No matter what kind of fish it is that comes along, the experience of “river reading” that just like the art of “fly casting”, will be reward you when you’ve got a good spot picked out and some good flies you can put out there. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s small or large, as long as it’s living below water level, there’s plenty of opportunity for catching something new! Tight lines and see you on the water. 

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