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Fly Fishing in Maryland’s Patapsco River

Howard County, Maryland

Maryland’s fly fishing waters are home to some excellent opportunities, for beginners and experienced anglers. The Patapsco River offers an abundant mix of specie-rich fly water and plenty of places where you can practice a host of casting situations. As a certified casting instructor, Patapsco River is my “go to” for those looking to improve their fly fishing skills locally. (Many folks like to work on their casting skills before heading out on a longer fly fishing adventure, and this is a great spot for that!)

 In the summer months exciting topwater fly fishing can be at its best, sharpening our awareness and instincts as an angler, not to mention it is GREAT FUN to throw a line in front of a fish and watch it bite!

As a whole, the Patapsco River is an excellent place to wet a line, for beginners or seasoned anglers who love to spend a day out on the river with tight lines along the way.

Maryland fly fishing Patapsco river Maryland

Put & Take Trout Fishery

Another reason why the Patapsco river is a good river for beginners  DNR’s put and take trout stocking initiatives, give us plenty of fish to catch! This encourages those who’ve been intimidated by the sport, as there are good chances for success. Additionally, anglers with a trout stamp are permitted to harvest two trout. This allows for an amazing day on the water and sustenance for your family! 

Guided fly fishing Daniels Dam, Maryland

Best access to fly fishing the Patapsco River in Maryland

The first thing an angler wants to know is where to go! To help my fellow fly anglers along I created some maps below of easy access points to get you on some good water.

Now remember, these are access points but you still want to follow the river as much as possible to increase your catching success, hence a backpack with a few snacks, spare tackle, and plenty of drinking water should accompany you to these fishing access points! 

Also, do keep in mind that finding parking can be tough, especially on weekends during the summer. Hence, I always suggest to start early, early, early! The early bird gets the limited parking spot for your day’s fly fishing adventure! 


Patapsco fly fishing Maryland

Gear & what to bring?

Next up on the list of “need to knows”, what gear is needed for fishing the Patapsco River? Of course a packing list is always seasonal, but I’m going to focus on the right gear for swinging your flies in the summer. During those hot summer months, you won’t require waders, however, a wading staff is highly recommended as well as a landing net. Of course plenty of drinking water (I even love to pack frozen coconut water for those long days that require extra electrolytes), and your favorite snacks to get you through the day. 

As for tackle, a handful of popper flies and a few of your favorite streamers should be packed in a waterproof backpack in hope of some quality time fly fishing Maryland’s Patapsco river. 

If you consider floating the Patapsco river. I’d recommend putting in at Woodstock and pulling out at Daniels Dam, or bye Oella Ave in Old Ellicott City if you want to make it a real adventure. You should see plenty of fish, especially fly fishing from a stand up paddle board! SUPs are great for these waters and give you a new perspective when fishing the Patapsco. Throw in a hammock for an afternoon siesta and resting those casting arms and you’ve got yourself a gem of an adventure, right here in your own backyard! 

Fly fishing on the Patapsco River is ideal for both beginners and seasoned anglers. If you'd like professional guiding or casting instructions, get in touch. I'm always excited to share my passion with fellow anglers!
Misty Dhillon



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