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Discover a Maryland’s prolific small mouth bass fishery which is also stocked with trout, making the Patapsco ideal for beginners, learning the ropes of fly fishing. 

While seasoned anglers can always pursue the invasive snakehead, or even bump into the odd stripped bass.  Seasoned anglers can also practice the double haul, especially at Daniel’s dam. Get away from the crows even further using an inflatable – but best a SUP; making yourself a great casting platform, anywhere you like. 

Yet the Patapsco can be small, intimate at places, but not too technical or intimidating. Unlike the Gunpowder it sees far less pressure with a host of species beginners can target, including a healthy population of sun fish which take dry flies really well. Especially in the summer. 

Learn to differentiate between style and substance so you can explore your local waters with the confidence you need to fly fish and explore at your own pace!

We encourage anglers to sign up for a fly casting lesson, learning about the various access points from seasoned, FFI certified casting instructor and international fly fishing expedition guide, Misty Dhillon who has well over 20 years of guiding experience. 

*Don’t forget to stop by to say Hi at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show on Saturday, March 18 at 404 Emerson Drive, Towson, MD 21204.

I grew up in Ellicott City in the 1990s, and fly-fishing on the Patapsco River was always on the bucket list. A quarter century later, I finally found the perfect friend to show me the ropes. That guy is Misty Dhillon! Don't hesitate to book him. The dude is literally still yelling "PERFECT CAST! OH! BEAUTIFUL!" 5 hours into the lesson. Where does he get the enthusiasm? It's his life passion! Misty's been leading highly-experienced anglers on fly-fishing treks in the Himalayas for 23 years -- and now he has turned his sights to the Patapsco. We should count our lucky stars!

Access point considerations on the Patapsco river for your next adventure. 

Book your guided fly fishing lessons in Maryland’s Patapsco river this summer. 

Half Day Package

5 Hours
$ 250
Per Participant
  • Pre Trip Interview (Virtual).
  • Fly Fishing Gear Use.
  • Packed Lunch.
  • 5 Hours on the Water.
  • Post Trip Interview (Virtual).

Family Package

3 Hours
$ 395
For a family of four
  • Pre Trip Interview (Virtual).
  • Fly Fishing Gear Use.
  • 3 Hours on the Water.
  • Post Trip Interview (Virtual)

Float Trip Package

7 Hours
$ 395
Per Participant
  • Pre Trip Interview (Virtual).
  • Fly Fishing Gear Use
  • 7 Hours on the Water.
  • Packed Lunch
  • River Gear Use.
  • Post Trip Interview (Virtual)

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Maryland fly fishing Patapsco river Maryland

Put & Take Trout Fishery

Another reason why the Patapsco river is a good river for beginners  DNR’s put and take trout stocking initiatives, give us plenty of fish to catch! This encourages those who’ve been intimidated by the sport, as there are good chances for success. Additionally, anglers with a trout stamp are permitted to harvest two trout. This allows for an amazing day on the water and sustenance for your family! 

Guided fly fishing Daniels Dam, Maryland

Best access to fly fishing the Patapsco River in Maryland

The first thing an angler wants to know is where to go! To help my fellow fly anglers along I created some maps below of easy access points to get you on some good water.

Now remember, these are access points but you still want to follow the river as much as possible to increase your catching success, hence a backpack with a few snacks, spare tackle, and plenty of drinking water should accompany you to these fishing access points! 

Also, do keep in mind that finding parking can be tough, especially on weekends during the summer. Hence, I always suggest to start early, early, early! The early bird gets the limited parking spot for your day’s fly fishing adventure! 

Fly fishing instruction for beginners

Gear & what to bring?

Next up on the list of “need to knows”, what gear is needed for fishing the Patapsco River? Of course a packing list is always seasonal, but I’m going to focus on the right gear for swinging your flies in the summer. During those hot summer months, you won’t require waders, however, a wading staff is highly recommended as well as a landing net. Of course plenty of drinking water (I even love to pack frozen coconut water for those long days that require extra electrolytes), and your favorite snacks to get you through the day. 

As for tackle, a handful of popper flies and a few of your favorite streamers should be packed in a waterproof backpack in hope of some quality time fly fishing Maryland’s Patapsco river. 

If you consider floating the Patapsco river. I’d recommend putting in at Woodstock and pulling out at Daniels Dam, or bye Oella Ave in Old Ellicott City if you want to make it a real adventure. You should see plenty of fish, especially fly fishing from a stand up paddle board! SUPs are great for these waters and give you a new perspective when fishing the Patapsco. Throw in a hammock for an afternoon siesta and resting those casting arms and you’ve got yourself a gem of an adventure, right here in your own backyard! 

Whether you're just starting out or have been fly fishing for years.

We're here to help and support your fly fishing journey.

Private Lessons

Starting from just $50 per hour.

Family Lessons

Starting from just $125 per adult.


Starting from $250 per angler.

Float Trips

Starting from $395 per angler.

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Meet your fly fishing guide

Misty Dhillon is an FFI certified casting instructor who is the world authority on Golden Mahseer fly fishing in the Himalayas. For over 20 years, Misty Dhillon has worked alongside the world’s pioneers in expedition documentaries, fly fishing adventure travel, and sporting travel journalists to bring to the world’s attention the elusive Golden Mahseer fishery that is threatened by hydroelectric power and an ever-increasing need for water. 

Misty Dhillon has initiated river conservation in the Himalayas on a grass root level by living in the Himalayan foothills and training India’s first generation to fly fishing guides from local river communities. Encouraging local stakeholders in the remote Himalayan frontier with Nepal to use intentional, catch and release, single barbless hook fly fishing as a regenerative resource for sustainable income through eco-tourism while reconnecting river communities to conservation.  

Having lost his father at the age of 8, Misty used fishing and the outdoors to transform his life from the early of 15. He is hence passionate about using the fly-fishing lens to empower communities, particularly people of color.

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