Bhutan's Royal Fish

Golden Mahseer fishing in Bhutan's Himalayan Rivers.

This ancient and highly evolved, boi-indicator fish represents only the finest freshwater eco-systems. Free stone rivers but also the richest habitat endorsing Bhutan’s commitment to conservation of Golden Mahseer and sustainability. 

Fishing the Swing for Bhutan's Golden Mahseer.

Historically, an “invitation only” affair. Today modern Bhutan is looking at angling as a conservation tool, much like the rest of us.

Catch and release angling is permitted in certain waters and available though select outfitters. While May is one of the best months for fly fishing in Bhutan. It is just before the monsoon when Golden Mahseer congregate in large numbers for the best possibilities for fly fishing. 

The Puna Tsang Chhu, Mangde Chhu, Drangme Chhu are some of the better known Golden Mahseer rivers of Bhutan. Rising in the northern reaches of Bhutan and flowing toward India; they are joint by a host of tributes, many of which are still unexplored.


Part of the attraction of Golden Mahseer fishing in Bhutan is also, lesser inhabited valleys. In comparison to India and Nepal. Bhutan’s population is relatively less, causing far less pressure on its natural resources, including it’s rich watersheds. 

Anglers interested in pursuing Brown or even Snow Trout fishing can be sure to find themselves in some of the country’s most picturesque and well managed fly fishing waters at Haa, Punakha and Boomtang valleys. 

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