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Best Fly Lines for Mahseer Fly Fishing

And why?

Choosing the right fly line can make or break your efforts. Hence it is important to find the right balanced outfits so you can quickly and efficiently go to work. Converting precious casts into rewarding takes. 

Here are some important considerations. 

Guided Mahseer fly fishing


Depending on whether you are fishing single switch of spey lines, you should carefully consider a short head length that helps deliver heavy sink-tips, and flies.

Misty Dhillon Golden Mahseer fishing

Sink Rate

Depending on a river or lake you will be fishing, sink rate is a important consideration that can be a function of where you want to be fishing to maximize the odds of connecting you to a Golden Mahseer.

Mahseer fly fishing preperation

Shooting or Running Line

It’s never a bad idea to have a go with your line before getting to the water. Shooting lines should ideally be integrated into the fly lines, easy to manage in a dynamic environment and should float.

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All you need to know about catching the fish of your dreams! 


Golden Mahseer
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  • 10 MUST Have Lures
  • Lure Applications
  • Replacement Hooks
  • Fish Smart. Not Hard.
  • How to Prep a lure
  • Recommended Lines
  • Terminal Tackle
  • Rods & Reels
  • Daily Schedule
  • Bonus Tips


  • River Safety & Wading
  • River Reading
  • Gear Check List
  • The Mahseer Knot
  • Trip Planning
  • Dos & Don'ts


Golden Mahseer
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  • 10 MUST Have Flies
  • Fly Hooks for Mahseer
  • Fish Smart. Not Hard.
  • 5 Key Fly Lines
  • 3 Best Spey Lines
  • Fly Line Extensions
  • Making your Leader
  • Rods & Reels
  • Daily Schedule
  • Bonus Tips

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