Full Day Fly Fishing on the Patapsco

Featuring 7-hours of guided fly-fishing targeting a host of species and a variety of presentations depending on your casting abilities. The full-day may also be a good option for beginners. The day can begin with casting instruction followed by fishing and exploring some of the local habitat while you hike the edges of the Patapsco that also runs clear enough for you to get some sight-fishing in. Advanced anglers can expect to encounter northern snakehead as well as small-mouth bass in the summers. Another incentive for beginners is trout stocking on the Patapsco as well as sun fish that are great for sowing the seeds of fly fishing in a young ones heart. In addition Gizzard shad, hickory shad, American shad, river herring, striped bass and white perch migrate up the Patapsco River during early spring. The river has no closed season and anglers can enjoy it year-round. 

Hourly, half and full-day casting instruction is available. 

Misty Dhillon is a pioneering and passionate  fly fishing guide. 

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